Top 5 trends of fashionable home clothes

A woman always remains a woman. She tries to look nice and fashionable at work, on a date, at a party or at a restaurant. But at home, especially after a busy and difficult day, you want to relax and not think about how you look. But such luxury can be afforded only occasionally, when the husband leaves for fishing, and the grandmother took the child for the weekend.

Here you can afford to sleep before dinner, remove the hair under the hoop and put on your favorite baggy sweater or an old shirt to your knees. Take a laptop, go online and find http: // yourself a coffee, turn off the phone, throw your feet on the table - and let the whole world wait.

But such minutes are extremely rare. Therefore, we must always ensure that the husband sees his wife well-groomed and fashionably dressed, and the child is never shy to invite friends home, fearing that my mother will be "out of shape".


  • Fashion for the house
    • Trends and comfort
    • Home suits
    • Dresses and tunics
    • Peignoirs
    • Pajamas

Fashion for the house

Modern fashion designers, almost entirely men, decided to make a gift for women and came up with a special style that can be called simply"A cozy house."But nevertheless, in such clothes you will not look ridiculous or old-fashioned.

Bathrobes, home suits, pajamas, dresses, kits, tunics - all this splendor can and should be present in your wardrobe. Peignoirs and luxurious nightgowns, trimmed with lace and gold embroidery, always made a woman not just a wife and mistress of the house. She is a goddess. She is a queen. She is a fatal beauty. And there's nothing to be done about it - my husband runs after wine and arranges dinner with candles.

Believe me, such results can be achieved from a completely lazy and difficult to raise husband, even if he is very tired and on the TV now will be the Champions League. And it's all about properly dressed and dressed to the place of home clothes, which, we often do not give due attention.

Trends and Convenience

The most fashionable and most popular trend for home clothes is to be comfortable. She should not restrain movements, should not rub or be too free. You should always feel comfortable in it.

Another requirement for home clothes, which by all means is natural materials. Your skin should rest and "breathe a full breast" after close and not always comfortable outgoing clothes. But fashion requires sacrifice, and we understand this. But at home all victims will be redundant.

Usually, homemade clothes are sewn from natural fabrics, mostly from knitwear. Cotton and linen are also appropriate. There may be a small additive of synthetics, but one that does not cause irritation or allergies.

Home suits

If you prefer to walk in trousers - do not deny yourself such a small. Pants can be either wide or straight, and tight, like leggings. T-shirts with short or long sleeves will complement the kit.

For summer it is convenient to take shorts. You will not be hot and always comfortable. A shirt can be replaced with a T-shirt or top. Funny prints with funny muzzles from cartoons will be very homely and joyful. If you do not like jerks and grotesque - floral pattern, ethnics or "newspaper" is quite suitable. If you do not like it too, there are monochrome sets.

In the cold season, designers offer warm suits of knitwear with "naches".Baika or natural soft wool will warm, will be convenient and practical.

No need for home things to have locks, big buttons or other bulky clasps. They will interfere, cling and annoy. The best styles are on an elastic band, a lace or small buttons.

Dresses and tunics

With dresses the same story. Homemade dresses should be comfortable and not have many decor elements. Straight cut, comfortable sleeve, comfortable length - that's all that is required of him at home.

But at the same time, homemade dresses should not be too baggy and faceless. A flirtatious incision on the side, a fitted neck or a deep neckline is entirely acceptable.

Choose color on your own. Naturally, white for the house is not very suitable. But do not focus on gray mouse, so as not to be like a mouse. Turquoise, ultramarine, greens, olives - choose tasty, juicy shades that will revitalize your image and will be a bright spot in the kitchen or in the living room.

With prints, this is the same. If you do not like them, then you do not need them. Let the dress be monophonic, but juicy in color. You can use as embroidery embroidery threads in tone or contrast. Patterns are also completely different - from birds of paradise, to ethnic motifs.


If you do not have a negligee and you've never worn it - buy yourself this miracle. Let him wear you several times a month or even a year. The very consciousness that you have such a treasure in your closet makes you happy. Go immediately to http: // women-indoor-clothing and select it for yourself, your favorite.

This season, and indeed in the past, too, for negligeees use luxurious and rich fabrics - silk, satin, lace. It should not be warm, because you are not going to run around it in the middle of the winter.

Such an item of home wardrobe is always associated with French boudoir houses, fireplaces and fine wine. Decorated with rich lace, gold embroidery, sequins or paillettes - this is a kind of works of art designed for a very narrow range of viewers.


The most comfortable and in winter time the warmest thing in the wardrobe. Nothing, that originally pajamas were intended only for sleeping. Now they are made with such taste and ingenuity that, at times, you can not tell whether it's pajamas or a stylish sports suit.

Yes, you can not even bother. It is convenient for you to walk around the house in such a thing - go to your health. She is no worse than a set of home clothes. True, depending on how it is sewn.

Prints on pajamas, even adults, are quite childish. Funny little animals, flowers or fairy-tale characters are often present on such things.

But a special place is occupied by respectable silk pajamas. They are intended only for sleeping and going out to the morning coffee. No more. Often, such pajamas always come complete with a chic gown in tone.

Yes, ladies, you should always look like a picture even at home. Therefore, do not deny yourself such a small thing - buy a karty homewear and feel at home always comfortable and confident.