Rating of breadmakers in 2016 for quality and price

Delicious smell of freshly baked bread raises mood and causes appetite, even if you just ate. And not to run every morning to the bakery, you can bake bread at home. You just need to choose the bread maker correctly. We present to you rating of breadmakers in 2016 for the price and quality of .It takes into account the reviews, popularity and rating of models among buyers at Yandex. Market.

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Table of contents:

  • 10. Moulinex OW1101 Home Bread
  • 9. REDMOND RBM-M1907
  • 8. Philips HD9046
  • 7. Philips MX-
  • 6. Mystery MBM-1202
  • 5. REDMOND RBM-M1919
  • 4. Panasonic SD-2501WTS
  • Panasonic SD-ZB2512
  • 2. Panasonic SD-ZB2502
  • 1. REDMOND RBM-M1911

10. Moulinex OW1101 Home Bread

The average price is 8 790 rubles.

In this compact bread maker you can cook both bread products and dough. Has 12 programs of baking( among them jam and sweet pastries), there is a delayed start function.

Cons: plastic with time turns yellow.


Average price - 7,810 rubles.

A good bread maker with 17 automatic programs. It produces delicious biscuits and yoghurts. You can cook even the second dishes( porridge, pilaf, etc.).There is a non-volatile memory and a convenient delayed start.

Disadvantages: very noisy and bulky.

8. Gorenje BM900W

The average price is 4 310 rubles.

Has 12 programs, including baking unleavened bread and sweet pastries. And you can choose the color of the crust.

Cons: small bakery form, short cord, small letters in English on the control panel.

7. Philips HD9046

The average price is 12 599 rubles.

One of the most stylish bread makers. The popularity rating of 2016 is enlarged due to several advantages: 14 programs( including yogurt preparation), compactness, quality assembly, delayed start and availability of user mode. The scope for creativity for baking aces.

Disadvantages: it squeals loudly and continuously, the viewing window is constantly misted up.

6. Mystery MBM-1202

The average price is 3 970 rubles.

The best bread maker, if you focus on the price. She has convenient control, 13 programs and detailed instructions in Russian.

Disadvantages: it makes a lot of noise when mixing dough, there is no shutdown button.


Average price - 10 510 rub.

Strict metal design, 25 automatic programs, user mode, 10 minutes of memory storage in case of power failure. All this makes the RBM-M1919 one of the favorites of the ranking of the best breadmakers.

The reviews complain about the large size, noise and dim display.

4. Panasonic SD-2501WTS

The average price is 14,670 rubles.

What will the owner of a bread maker appreciate for such a price? Cute design, 12 programs, great baking weight( 1250 g), a useful recipe book and quiet work. Do not wake the house if you run it at night.

Disadvantages: short cord.

3. Panasonic SD-ZB2512

The average price is 18,490 rubles.

The best bread makers do not have to be expensive. But this model, alas, dear. And this is her only defect. Among the pluses: design in high-tech style, 14 programs( including baking low-fat dough and bread products with filling), 1250 g ready-made baking and 2 dispensers. Buttons are few, so that even the inexperienced mistress will not get lost in them.

2. Panasonic SD-ZB2502

The average price is 15 662 rubles.

Another beautiful and expensive model from Panasonic. She has 12 programs, the ability to automatically "load" the necessary ingredients, and a feature - the program of making fruit in syrup.

Disadvantages: the yeast tray works out loud, there is no baking without yeast.


The average price is 7 100 rubles.

The best bread maker in 2016.The rating includes models with a large number of programs, but this bakery has the most - 19. In fact, this is a multivarka that also bakes delicious, airy and evenly baked bread.

One is slightly upset: when baked, the breadmaker vibrates violently.

A quality bread maker is not only a useful purchase for a family. It is also an excellent gift, which is unlikely to be pushed into the dark corner of the closet. And the more the aggregate of programs, the better. After all, the taste for experiments comes with time.