Rating of baby carriages 2016: the best for newborns

The choice of a stroller in which the toddler will spend a lot of time is important both for his health and for the comfort of his parents. Our rating of baby carriages includes models from well-known manufacturers, which deserved positive reviews on "Yandex. Market".

We also prepared a list-rating of the best strollers for the winter. Top-10 is made by the ratio of the price of quality and user reviews.


  • 10. Camarelo Carera
  • 9. Geoby C605
  • 8. Bloom Zen Yoga
  • 7. Lonex Speedy V Light
  • 6. Cosatto Giggle
  • 5. iCoo Peak Air
  • 4. Bebecar Grand Style
  • 3. Inglesina Sofia
  • 2Noordline Edel
  • 1. Noordi Arctic Sport

10. Camarelo Carera

Manufacture - Poland.
The average price is 24,000 rubles.
Weight - 12 kg.

Compact wheelchair with a spacious cradle. The baby will be comfortable in it both in summer and in winter. The backrest is adjustable from fully reclining to fully seated position. The stroller handle can be adjusted in height. There is a shopping basket.

Disadvantages: tight brakes.

9. Geoby C605

Manufacture - China.
Average price - 29 400 rubles.
Weight - 17 kg.

The "2-in-1" model folding like a "book", with large rubber wheels. In the kit there is a bag for storing items that can come in handy for a walk, a mosquito net and a raincoat.

Cons: weight.

8. Bloom Zen Yoga

Production - USA.
Average price - 80 900 rub.
Weight - 9.1 kg.

Stroller with an exclusive design and folding mechanism such as "book" can withstand loads of up to 20 kg. The kit includes a cradle, a chassis and a walking unit. High beads and a large visor provide protection from the wind, and the backrest has three positions for maximum comfort of the "passenger".This model is equipped with a flashlight.

Disadvantage: the high price.

7. Lonex Speedy V Light

Production - Poland.
Average price - 25 200 rubles.
Weight - 12 kg.

The rating of the baby carriages in 2016 is supplemented by another maneuverable and easily controlled model. Her cradle can bend 30 degrees, which allows the child to look around with interest.

Inconvenience: to remove a walking block from the base you have to act with one hand, the second pushing the lever.

6. Cosatto Giggle

Manufacture - England.
Average price - 47,990 rubles.
Weight - 15.4 kg.

The walk-in seat has 4 backrest tilt adjustments. In the set there are a lot of accessories, including a raincoat, a mattress for a baby, a cosmetic bag and a bag for the mother.

Disadvantages: poor depreciation, driving through potholes in the winter will be problematic.

5. iCoo Peak Air

Manufacture - Germany.
Average price - 50 980 rub.
Weight - 20.5 kg.

Spacious "off-road car", which is easy to walk on snow-covered or very dirty roads. The package includes a bag, a pump, a raincoat, a mosquito net, a cape on the legs and a sun shield. Amortization can be adjusted from rigid to motion sickness.

Cons: heavy weight, small shopping basket.

4. Bebecar Grand Style

Manufacture - Portugal.
Average price - 33 800 rub.
Weight - 18.1 kg.

The large hood of the stroller protects the child from weather disturbances, and an independent depreciation system makes walks a complete pleasure. Mom can adjust the handle of the stroller in height and rearrange the walking unit with the child's face or back to him.

Disadvantages: weight.

3. Inglesina Sofia

Manufacture - Italy.
Average price - 33 840 rubles.
Weight - 14.6 kg.

The "2-in-1" model has excellent cross-country ability and amortization. The cradle can be removed if necessary, which is convenient when, for example, it is necessary to take an infant to a polyclinic. Removable covers can be washed in the washing machine.

Disadvantages: wheels can creak after the winter season.

2. Noordline Edel

Manufacture - Germany.
Average price - 27 550 rubles.
Weight - 13.5 kg.

One of the easiest universal baby carriages in the ranking of the best models. At the same time, successfully storms and high curbs and drifts. The back of the model is fixed in three positions, it is possible to change the height of the handle and to seat the son or daughter face or back to the mother.

Disadvantages: The narrow back of the walking unit, it is sometimes difficult to disengage the brake due to the tight pedal.

1. Noordi Arctic Sport

Manufacture - Norway.
Average price - 42 700 rubles.
Weight - 12.9 kg.

The only "3-in-1" model out of dozens of the best baby carriages for newborns. She topped the rating not only thanks to the presence of an autoarmchair with the ISOFIX system and light weight, but also a rich package. It includes: an orthopedic mattress, a bag, a raincoat, a cape on the feet, a cup holder, a mosquito net and a sun visor. The fabric of the stroller has a special impregnation from dirt and splashing water.