The best epilators, rating 2016 for reviews

To remove hair in epilators, a spring mechanism was originally used, but modern devices have a number of rotating "tweezers" that effectively pull the hair off the roots.

To choose the best epilator, you need to focus on the reviews of those who have tried on their own skin this or that model. We present to you the rating of the epilators of 2016 , compiled from reviews, reviews and user ratings of Yandex. Market.


  • 10. Braun 9-541 Silk-epil 9
  • 9. Philips HP 6570
  • 8. Philips HP 6548
  • 7. Philips HP 6422
  • 6. Braun 5-511 Silk-epil 5 Wet &Dry
  • 5. Braun 5-541 Silk-epil 5 Wet &Dry
  • 4. Braun 5329 Silk-epil 5
  • 3. Braun 1170 Silk-epil
  • 2. Philips HP 6420
  • 1. Braun 7561 Silk-epil 7

10. Braun 9-541 Silk-epil 9

The average price is 7 417rub.

Wet cleaning: yes.

Convenient wireless epilator with metal tweezers, many attachments( including for haircuts and shaving) and the ability to use under water. There is a backlight that allows you to see even small and thin hairs.

Disadvantages: some hairs do not pull the epilator, but break it off.

9. Philips HP 6570

The average price is 4 717 rubles.

Wet cleaning: yes.

Epilator with bright backlight, 32 ceramic tweezers and mains power. According to reviews, shaves do not hurt.

Cons: does not grab a short hair, heats up when working.

8. Philips HP 6548

The average price is 3 113 rubles.

Wet cleaning: no.

This model has 21 metal tweezers, and power is supplied from the mains. Included are: a trimmer with a comb 3 mm, a cleaning brush and a case.

Cons: no backlight.

7. Philips HP 6422

Average price - 1 997 rub.

Wet cleaning: yes.

Inexpensive, compact epilator with two modes of speed and power from the network. A nozzle with a massage device helps minimize discomfort.

Disadvantages: does not grab the hairs shorter than 5 mm, no backlight.

6. Braun 5-511 Silk-epil 5 Wet &Dry

Average price - 3 350 rubles.

Wet cleaning: yes.

28 metal tweezers effectively cope with small hair. Thanks to the rubberized handle, the epilator is comfortable in the hand. Works autonomously from the network. Can be used under water.

Why is not it the best epilator? Customer testimonials indicate that this model does not hold a charge well and for this kind of money there could be a backlight.

5. Braun 5-541 Silk-epil 5 Wet &Dry

Average price - 4,507 rubles.

Wet cleaning: yes.

From the previous model differs by the presence of additional attachments( shaving head and nozzle-trimmer).

4. Braun 5329 Silk-epil 5

Average price - 5 273 rub.

Wet cleaning: yes.

Stylish epilator with 40 tweezers, backlight and a rich bundle. There is a nozzle-massager, a cooling glove and a brush for cleaning the skin of the face. After the procedure, the hairs can not be seen for two weeks.

Disadvantages: there is a loud buzz at work, does not pull out all the hairs.

3. Braun 1170 Silk-epil

The average price is 1 860 rubles.

Wet cleaning: no.

Advantages of this epilator: 20 metal tweezers without bends( this contributes to a more robust capture of short hairs), beautiful design, work from the network.

Disadvantages: there are no additional attachments, no backlight, lets short hair.

2. Philips HP 6420

The average price is 1 694 rubles.

Wet cleaning: yes.

Two speeds of operation, power from the network, 20 tweezers, low cost - what else do you want from a quality epilator? Is that the presence of lights and more baits in the kit. But then let everyone decide what is more important: the price or additional options.

1. Braun 7561 Silk-epil 7

Average price - 6 080 rub.

Wet cleaning: yes.

Heads the best epilators for women beautiful and high quality model with a floating head, the possibility of autonomous operation, 40 tweezers and illumination of the treated area. Pleases and the presence of a set of cooling napkins, shaving heads, a massager and a nozzle-limiter.

Epilation is an excellent choice for hair removal for several reasons:

  • There is no need to pay for expensive salon procedures, buy wax or razors for home use.
  • Epilation is ideal for sensitive skin, unlike wax or hair removal cream that can cause irritation.
  • Epilation takes less time than using creams to remove hair or wax. In this case, the hairs that grow 2-3 weeks after epilation become softer and thinner.