The most expensive diamonds in the world. Top-13( with photos)

12 place. Fantasy a bright blue emerald cut diamond was sold at Sotheby's in Hong Kong in 2012 for 12.8 million dollars. The rare 8,01 carat gem is set in a platinum ring and framed by two colorless diamonds.

11 place." Pink Clark " is a rare fantasy pink diamond of 9 carats, formerly owned by American millionaire Huguett Marcel Clarke. In 2012, at Christie's auction in New York, it was sold for $ 15.7 million. The cut diamond "kushon" that adorns the gold ring is the most expensive pink diamond sold at an auction in the US.The new owner of "Pink Clark" became the owner of the company Stettner Investment Diamonds Brett Stettner.

10 place." Chloe " is a rare colorless diamond with an ideal cut of 84.37 carats. The stone was marked by the Homological Institute of America as Х / Х / Х, which testifies to its highest quality. It was sold at the auction "Sotheby's", which was held in Geneva in 2007, for 16.2 million dollars. The new owner of an impeccable diamond is the founder of the company "Guess" George Marciano. Previously, the name of the precious stone was named after the daughter of Mr. Marciano - Chloe.

9 place." Star of the season " - a colorless pear-shaped diamond weighing 100.1 carats, first presented to the public at auction auction house Sotheby's in Geneva in 1995.The winner was a sheikh from Saudi Arabia - Ahmed Hassan Fitaikhi, connoisseur and collector of jewelry, who offered $ 16.5 million for a precious stone. Immediately after the bidding, the sheikh received an offer to sell the "Star of the season" for a much larger amount, but he refused.

8 place." Martian pink " - one of the rarest pink diamonds, sold from the auction "Christie" in Hong Kong for 17.4 million dollars to an anonymous buyer. A unique stone weighing 12.04 carats is the largest round diamond of pink color, ever put up for auction. Cutting out the "Martian pink" was engaged in the jewelry house Harry Winston. The diamond received its name in honor of the NASA mission to launch the Viking spacecraft to study the surface of Mars and its orbit.

7 place." Archduke Joseph " - a huge( 76.02 carats) colorless diamond of the highest quality, faceted in the form of a rectangular "kushona".It was sold at Sotheby's in Geneva in 2012 for $ 21.48 million. The buyer preferred to hide his name, we only know that he presented the diamond "Archduke Joseph" as a gift to the museum. Produced in the famous galleys of Golconda, the precious stone used to belong to the Habsburg dynasty, and was given its name in honor of the Austrian Field Marshal Archduke Joseph Augustus, his first owner, to whom he was officially registered in 1919.In 1936 the family of the Habsburgs sold the diamond to an unknown buyer. Later, he was two more times exhibited at the auction: in 1961 and 1993.

6 place. A white diamond in the emerald cut weighing 100 carats was sold in 2015 at the auction Sotheby's for 22.1 million dollars. An anonymous buyer bought a diamond by phone. The diamond was mined by De Beers in South Africa."The color is whiter than white, the stone is so transparent that it can only be compared to water," the head of the jewelry department of Sotheby's said about the diamond.

5 place." Perfect Pink " - a 14.23 carat diamond shaped rectangle, sold at Christie's auction in Hong Kong for $ 23.2 million to an anonymous buyer. A gemstone, characterized as an intense fantasy pink diamond of natural color, is the most expensive ever sold in Asia. The whole lot "The perfect pink" was a ring of pink and white gold, adorned with a luxurious pink diamond, framed on both sides by two transparent diamonds weighing 1.67 and 1.73 carats.

4 place. Brilliant " Wittelsbach Graff " is a large( 35.56 carats) sky-blue diamond, which bears the names of its two owners. In 2008, the famous jeweler Lawrence Graff bought it at the auction Christie's in London for 24.3 million dollars. Known today as Wittelsbach Graff, this gemstone was re-cut, resulting in a loss in weight and now its mass is 31.06 carats. The current owner of the diamond did this in order to reveal the true color to the world and bring it to the impeccable type IIb, which includes the highest quality diamonds. The legendary gem was found on the Indian mines of Golconda. In 1664, the Spanish King Philip IV of Habsburg presented it to his daughter, Margarita Teresa, as a dowry, and in 1722 the stone was placed at the disposal of the Wittelsbach family. During the Great Depression the blue diamond was put up for sale at the Christie's auction house, but nobody bought it. In 1964 he was acquired by an anonymous buyer, in the collection of which he was for more than three decades.

3 place."The Legacy of Winston" - a pear-shaped colorless diamond weighing 101.73 carats."Winston's Legacy" in May 2013 became the largest diamond in history, put up for auction and eventually was bought for 26.7 million dollars by the jewelry company "Harry Winston."In honor of the new owner, the diamond got its name. Brilliant "Winston's Legacy" was obtained by cutting a 236-carat diamond found in Botswana.

2 place." Pink Graff " - diamond , sold at Sotheby's in Geneva in 2010 for $ 46.16 million. The lucky owner of the ring with a rare pink stone was the same jeweler who owns the diamond, which took the 4th place of our rating. British collector Lawrence Graff immediately called the new acquisition his own name. The diamond has a quadrangular shape with rounded corners and weighs 24.78 carats. The last time this jewel was put up for auction 60 years ago by American jeweler Harry Winston, who sold it to a private collector. It is worth recalling that this diamond belongs to the rarest physical type IIa, to which only 1.8% of the diamonds are mined.

The most expensive in the world diamond - Pink Star / Pink Star .The largest of the pink diamonds weighing 59.6 carats was sold in November 2013 at auction Sotheby's for 83 million dollars, breaking all records of the price of diamonds. However, at the end of February 2014 it became known that the buyer could not pay for the diamond and Sotheby's bought the stone for itself for $ 72 million.

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In this review we will introduce you to the 13th most expensive diamonds ever sold from auctions.

13 place." A drop of the sun " is a giant( 110.03 carat) pear-shaped yellow diamond of high transparency, sold at the Sotheby's Geneva auction in 2011 for $ 12.4 million. The amount that an anonymous buyer gave for a diamond, was a record for the stones of this type. One of the largest yellow diamonds of unique purity was found in 2010 in South Africa. Diamonds of this weight are very rare, and a colored diamond of such purity and size is considered unique.