How to wash large soft toys: the best options


  • Dry and wet cleaning
  • Washing of plush pets
  • Drying of soft animals

The two-meter plush bear that my husband gave you on the anniversary of the wedding, a huge soft dog replacing a baby's armchair, a fluffy hare accompanying the child on every walk, eventually become dirtyand need washing. Suffers not only the appearance of toys, they become dangerous for children's health. The tornado hugs and kisses a furry friend, treats him with a candy, and then liquefies the melted chocolate with a plush muzzle. The mouth gets dust, and with it bacteria and microscopic pliers. Mom has long dreamed of washing and cleaning all soft toys, but is afraid that they will deteriorate and the baby will lose its beloved animals. The problem is solved, there are techniques that allow in the home to put in order products from any material.

Dry and wet cleaning

Divide the entire zoo into soft toys that are simply dusty and heavily soiled. First try to clean them dry way. First of all, you need to get rid of the small parasites inhabiting the plush upholstery. The best option is to kill them with cold. Fold small animals in plastic bags and send for several days to the freezer. With large bears and rabbits this procedure can be done in the winter, putting them on the balcony. Then vacuum clean not so dirty animals, sometimes such procedure happens enough.

Clean with dust and small dirt with soda. Place the soft pet in a plastic bag, pour in from one to 2-3 packs of soda, depending on the size of the toy. Firmly tie or sealed with adhesive tape and turn the package several times, shake it hard so that all the upholstery is covered with white powder. If the bear is of gigantic size, it will have to be cleaned by all adult members of the family. Wait a few minutes for soda to draw dust and dirt to yourself, and then remove the soft toy and vacuum it well.


If plots of white plush over time have turned yellow, before they are cleaned or washed, moisten them with lemon juice and then dry them in the sun.

Soft toys that can not be cleaned with soda, but can not be washed, try to put it in order in a damp way.

  1. In a basin with warm water, pour in baby shampoo and whip thick foam.
  2. With a soft brush, scoop up the foam and gently rub the dirty area. Try to get as little moisture as possible on the cloth.
  3. Immediately after the treatment, moisten the sponge or microfiber napkin in clean water and wipe off the foam from the toy. Repeat this operation until the soap disappears.
  4. Go to the next section and continue to clean in the same sequence.

Washing plush pets

Let's move on to a group of beast-dunks. Many of them require a special approach, pay attention to the following toys:

  • with electronic devices;
  • with parts made of materials that do not tolerate moisture( eyes, nose, mouth);
  • stuffed with sawdust;
  • stuffed with small balls.

Gently straighten the seam and try to remove the electronic device, then sew up the hole. If the animal is stuffed with all sorts of wiring and sensors, you can not erase it, you can only clean it. The same recommendation applies to toys, stuffed with sawdust or other organic materials. Unfasten the plastic parts, which can be damaged by water treatment, after drying you paste or sew them. If the toy is filled with balls, it can not be washed in the machine.


Carefully consider the tag, which indicates the ways to care for a plush toy. There you will see how you can wash or clean the product, what the temperature of the water should be and what preparations can be used.

Small soft toys can be placed in a cloth bag and washed in a typewriter. Use powders designed for children's things. Choose a delicate washing mode and a water temperature of up to 30⁰.To completely remove soap water, use the additional rinse mode. To the cute bear cub did not turn into a terrible disproportionate monster, turn off the spin function. In the same way, you can wash a large animal, if you can accurately disassemble it in part. Well sew up the holes formed after cutting the seams or remove the filler and wash it separately.

Toys can be slightly deformed or change color, but the kid is unlikely to notice these nuances. If a plush favorite is much shedding, then the fabric was colored by substandard materials. Do not regret the spoiled thing, but be glad that the danger was recognized in time. Tell the baby that the bunny has gone to visit his grandmother and give him another little animal. In a couple of weeks, he will forget about his favorite toy and will cease to miss her.

Drying soft animals

The pet became clean, now it's important not to spoil it when drying. Plush little animals in a warm, well-ventilated place: in the sun, near the battery. From time to time, shake them so that the filler does not get lost in the lump. Knit soft toys can not be hung, they need to be put on a thick towel, from time to time turn over and change the soaked bedding. Comb the fluffy places so that there is no loose fiber.

It remains to give plush beasts a pristine appearance. If the toy has been washed in parts, return the filler to the site and sew all the parts. Insert electronic mechanisms, carefully seal the seams. Replace the small parts, and you can give the kid his renewed friend.

To ensure that a soft bunny does not "infect" your baby with ticks or dangerous bacteria, be careful while buying a gift. If there is a good dry cleaning or laundry with a watercolor near the house, there will be no problems. If such enterprises do not exist, even in the store, think about whether you will be able to clean and wash the plush pet at home. A good addition to caring for the toy is irradiation with a quartz lamp that will kill all parasites and bacteria.