The most unique smartphone from Megaphone

I hasten to inform you that Megafon has launched the sale of new smartphones. It's about MegaFon SP-W1.This mobile device is manufactured in China under the license of a transcontinental and widely known Microsoft corporation, a large ZTE company. She made a lot of different models of smartphones, mobile phones and DECT phones and the whole impressive lineup, is presented in the Russian market and is very popular.

These are relatively inexpensive mobile phones that run under the Windows Phone 7.5 operating system. In addition, that the devices themselves cost about 9 thousand rubles, the delivery set already has all the necessary accessories for mobile phones, namely: a protective film, a wire for synchronization with your computer and a charger.

I will not elaborate on the technical specifications, because Windows Phone 7.5 itself says a lot, that is, it puts forward specific requirements for the hardware and hardware of the smartphone, which will be installed. I'd rather share my impressions and already can say a lot of experience using the operating system itself. Impressive speed of the phone with such a program - the shell, everything is convenient and very beautifully designed, which is also important. There is one small disadvantage, but it will become noticeable for those who do not have enough knowledge and experience in working with computers - this is a complicated process of synchronization with your personal computer. But all these difficulties can be defeated a little "googling."

I have purchased this device for a child - a schoolboy for 10 years, for him this is the first and best smartphone with such extensive capabilities. But, nevertheless, he quickly figured out, he set up his account through Xbox-Live on the X-box 360 console. So for fans of the X-box 360 and fans of playing on the Xbox-Live network, I highly recommend that the Marketplace has a hugenumber of games and various applications, including many free. All achievements, unlocked when playing on the phone, are added to your rating on the console and you can immediately see them by turning on the game console.

In addition to the Xbox-Live network, on the smartphone is available one more, in my opinion, very convenient service from Microsoft - this is SkyDrive. Who does not know, I will explain - this is the place of storage of any of your information in the so-called "cloud".A simple example, you took a photo, saved it in the SkyDrive cloud and enabled all the same computer that has access to the global network, enter the My Windows Phone personal area and there you can already see and download it. In addition, in the same way you can synchronize the phone book and view the files of the MS Office package. Yes, the phone has a full package of these programs. Still very nice that when you connect to the network, the phone itself is looking for and offering to download updates for your programs. In general, I'm impressed with this mobile device( including the quality of work and assembly) and is happy with the purchase, and the child is happy so much that the beloved PSP is forgotten and abandoned. ..

Alexey Zavgorodnev