The most stable state in the world

Economic, political and social stability - these are the three whales on which the happiness of citizens inhabiting this or that state is based. Unfortunately, not every country is in a position to guarantee the population confidence in the future. And internal fluctuations significantly increase the chances of disintegration of the state.

The so-called Decay Risk Index is the basis of a study conducted annually by the US Fund for Peace.

Assessing the human rights situation, the number of refugees, the distribution of wealth and the quality of public services, the fund's experts choose the most stable state on the planet .

Each country is assessed by 12 social, economic and political indicators, as well as a hundred additional indicators. The higher the final score, the greater the risk of disintegration of the state.

This year, like in the past, Finland proved to be the most reliable. Of the 177 countries assessed by Fund for Peace analysts, it was this Scandinavian state that proved to be the most stable. Experts note the high level of social protection of the population, the smooth dynamics of economic indicators in the conditions of the global crisis( Finland ranks 17th in the rating of economic freedom), respect for human rights and low crime rate.

The prosperity and tranquility of Finnish citizens are noticed not only by Fund for peace analysts. So, in 2010 Finland wore the proud title of the Best Country in the World according to Newsweek. Rating agencies Fitch and Moody's assess the rating of the state as the most reliable( AAA).Such a high estimation of financial and political management of the country received, including because Finland - the only one among the states of the eurozone - receives reliable guarantees from Greece and Spain for the loans granted to them. Loans problem countries without charging interest, Finns, however, receive on their accounts a security deposit of about 40% of the debt.

Finland scored 20 points in the list for Fund for peace, while the outsider of the list - Somalia, is awarded already 114.9 points. This African country is recognized by as the most unstable on the planet .The pair of Somalia in the ranking is Congo.

Among the most stable were Finland's neighbors - Sweden and Denmark, which are the most democratic countries in the world. Norway, which was the leader in 2010, today dropped to the 4th place.

Experts characterize the situation in Russia as medium-stable. Our closest neighbors Ukraine and Belarus seemed to analysts more resistant to disintegration. True, in comparison with last year's list, Russia's position has strengthened somewhat. Russia's neighbors in the rating of stability in 2012 were Venezuela and Thailand.

Among the European countries the most unstable are Cyprus, Albania, Bulgaria and Romania.