The most prestigious cinema awards in the world

Every year in the world, almost a thousand awards ceremony of various awards in the field of cinema. But only a small part of them are weighty and authoritative awards.

These are the most prestigious in the world - we included them in today's top ten. Choosing a film, awarded the golden branch of the Cannes Film Festival or the Russian Nika, you can safely expect to see a quality movie.


  • 10. Nika
  • 9. Saturn
  • 8. Golden Globe
  • 7. Gold Palm Branch
  • 6. Gold Bear
  • 5. Gold Lion
  • 4. Cesar
  • 3. Award of the British Academy
  • 2. Golden Raspberry
  • 1.Oscar

10. Nika

The National Award, annually awarded by the Russian Academy of Cinematographic Arts, was founded in 1987.The founder and the artist of the award was Julius Gusman. A statuette depicting the Greek goddess of victory, Nika, is presented in 20 nominations. As a rule, directors from Russia, the CIS and Baltic countries exhibit works of art from the jury.

9. Saturn

This American film award was established in 1972 by the Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Films. Despite the fact that few people in Saturn know about the world, this award is widely known among fans of fantastic cinema.

8. Golden Globe

The award is considered the second most important in the United States after Oscar. Since 1944, "Globe" is awarded not only for the best films, but also for serials, as well as television and even animated films. Unlike Oscar, dramatic and entertaining films are held in this contest in different nominations.

7. Golden palm branch

This prestigious film award is the main prize of the annual Cannes Film Festival, which has been held since 1946.The jury of the festival includes only eminent figures of the film industry, and the competition involves works of various, but mostly serious genres.

6. Golden Bear

In 2011, the main prize of the Berlin Film Festival celebrated its sixtieth birthday. As a rule, dozens of works from directors from all over the world take part in the competition. Very often, "Bears" receive films from Latin America, Asia, as well as Eastern European countries.

5. The gold lion

of the Golden Lion is presented to the winners of the Venice Film Festival. The author's films become laureates of the award. Quite often the Golden Lion gets pictures, representing the genre of the so-called independent cinema.

4. Cesar

The main cinematographic award in France is awarded annually since 1976.The award received its name from the sculptor Cesar Baldacini, who created the original appearance of the award. Awarding is held annually in February in the famous Paris theater "Chatelet".

3. British Academy Award

BAFTA - the main prize of the British Academy of Film and TV Arts. The award is given since 1947.Today, the ceremony is held annually in February. By the way, a separate BAFTA nomination is dedicated to video games, as the British jury equated them in status to cinema and television.

2. Golden raspberries

This world-famous half-joking premium is awarded to the best of the worst. Unfortunately, quite often nominees and winners are embarrassed to attend the ceremony and take a funny reward from the hands of the jury. Among the famous owners of raspberries - "Twilight. The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2 "," Fahrenheit 9/11 "," The Shougels "and" The Postman ".

1. Oscar

The most prestigious cinema award in the US and, perhaps, in the world is awarded since 1927.The American Film Academy includes more than 6,000 people with the right to vote. However, all of them are divided into 15 guilds, voting in separate nominations. All members of the Academy vote in only one nomination - "Best Film".By the way, it is still unknown who gave the name of the prize itself and a statuette depicting a knight with a sword standing on a round box with a film.