The heaviest and dramatic films in history

There are such films that make a stunning impression on the viewer. The tragic plot in combination with the talent of the director, cameraman and actors literally "take the soul out".

In the current ten, we have collected the heaviest and dramatic films of in the history of world cinema.

Almost all the paintings touch on profound problems, turning the darkest corners of human nature inside the audience or demonstrating the helplessness of a person in the face of tragic circumstances.

You can also watch the rating of the films of 2013, compiled from the intermediate results of the rental.


10. Irreversibility

  • 9. Firefish grave
  • 8. Passion of the Christ
  • 7. And the dawns here are quiet
  • 6. The severe test
  • 5. The load 200
  • 4. The girl opposite
  • 3. Go and see
  • 2. Oldboy
  • 1. Johnny took the gun
  • 10. Irreversibility

    This scandalous film by the French director Gaspar Noe is different story, told in reverse chronological order. Particularly oppressive impression on the viewer produces a nine-minute scene of the brutal rape of the main character. Specially for the film, a low-frequency soundtrack was written, causing some viewers to feel dizzy and nauseous.

    9. The grave of fireflies

    A dramatic feature film in the genre of "anime" was filmed in 1988 by the Japanese director Isao Takahata. The plot is based on real events and tells the story of a boy whose parents died during the Second World War. The film begins with the scene of the death of the main character, and all subsequent scenes lead the viewer to a tragic denouement.

    8. Passion of the Christ

    This film was shot about the last day of the life of Jesus Christ by the actor and director Mel Gibson in 2004.In the picture there are scenes of torture, torture, shows the cruelty of the crowd, the suffering of the mother and death, which appears to be a relief from torment. The actors in the film speak Aramaic and Latin, and subtitles are intended for the audience.

    7. A dawn here is quiet

    One of the most tragic films of Soviet cinema is dedicated to the feat of five young female volunteers who died in an unequal battle with German saboteurs in 1942.Despite the dramatic plot, the film was included with the number recommended for viewing by high school students.

    6. Severe Test

    South Korean drama tells about the work of an art teacher in the school for children with hearing impairment. The young teacher is witnessing how the teachers, who are covered by the authorities of a small provincial town, use children to satisfy their own most cruel and low-lying passions.

    5. Cargo 200

    Alexei Balabanov's film was released in 2007.The film takes place in the era of the sunset of the USSR.The plot is dramatized by a demonstration of the atrocity caused by damage to the psyche, and public indifference. In many cinemas the film was withdrawn from the rental because of cruel and realistic paintings.

    4. The girl opposite

    The film was shot based on the novel of the same name, based on the real story of the murder of Sylvia Likens. In the US, the film is banned for viewing by people under the age of 17, due to the abundance of scenes of violence, torture and sexual acts.

    3. Go and See

    The war drama of Soviet director Elem Klimov tells the story of a Belarusian boy who witnessed a brutal Nazi punitive action. Within two days the child turns into a gray-haired old man. The painting was screened in 1985 to the 40th anniversary of victory in the Great Patriotic War.

    2. Oldboy

    The scenario of this South Korean drama was based on the eponymous manga of the Japanese Garon Tsutii and Nobuaki Minagisi. The plot tells the story of a life burner who spent 15 years in prison on suspicion of killing his own wife. The film is made in the genre of a tough and pretty bloody detective.

    1. Johnny took the gun

    A young American gets a terrible injury during the First World War - his arms and legs are amputated, the guy is practically devoid of sense organs. The hardest drama is one of the most powerful anti-war films."Johnny took a gun" - this is a picture of despair, loneliness and life, broken in a bloody meat grinder of a brutal war.