The most popular brands of beer

Beer is one of the most popular alcoholic beverages. Varieties of beer are not so many - lager, ale, porter, stout and a few more rare. But brands that produce froth - a great variety. In today's top ten are collected the most popular brands of beer , according to the specialized website "Beer News".

These brands are sold all over the world, bringing to the owners millions of dollars in profits. All the presented brands are easily found on the shelves of Russian shops.


  • 10. Carlsberg
  • 9. Foster's
  • 8. Ashei
  • 7. Urquell
  • 6. Stella Artois
  • 5. Guinness
  • 4. Heineken
  • 3. Krombacher
  • 2. Corona
  • 1. Budweiser

10. Carlsberg

Makethe same name of the Danish brewing company is very popular in Russia. For Russians, Carlsberg is brewed under a license at the plants of the Baltika Breweries, owned by the Danes since 2008.

9. Foster's

This Australian beer brand is popular all over the world. Although in Australia, prefer dark beer Victoria Bitter. In Russia, Foster's is sold in all major hypermarkets, light brands are in particular demand.

8. Asahi

This brand is the most popular beer in Japan. Moreover, Asahi sells well in foreign markets. By the way, beer gradually replaced traditional Japanese sake: the share of beer in Japan accounts for 60% of the alcohol market, while sake takes only 8%.

7. Urquell

This brand is the pride of the Czech Republic, famous for its brewing traditions. By the way, it is the Czech Republic that is considered the leader in the consumption of a foam drink per capita, followed by Ireland, Germany and Australia. Pilsner Urquell light beer was created back in 1842, and today it is the most popular among the Czech export brands.

6. Stella Artois

This brand belongs to the Belgian company AB InBev - the largest brewing concern in the world. Stella Artois is the best-selling Belgian brand on the international market. But in the domestic market, it takes only 8%, significantly inferior to the beer Jupiter.

5. Guinness

Without a doubt, Guinness is the most popular dark beer in the world. It accounts for half of the beer market in Ireland. Irish people believe that a favorite drink strengthens health, gives energy and even improves skin condition.

4. Heineken

We can say that this Dutch brand is a real hit in sales in different parts of the world: from Russia to Latin America. In Holland, the nearest competitor of the brand is Amstel, whose manufacturing company 40 years ago was still absorbed by the Heineken group of companies.

3. Krombacher

This beer brand is considered the most popular and favorite in Germany, where beer of light varieties is especially popular. In the most brewing German region - Bavaria, it is Krombacher who leads the way in sales. This beer is loved by fans of German foam all over the world.

2. Corona

This Mexican brand is extremely popular in the US.Corona sells well in international markets. In the States, this beer is served with a slice of lemon on the edge of the glass, which the Americans really like. The only shortcoming of the Crown professional experts consider bottles of light glass, in which the drink is exposed to light.

1. Budweiser

Since 2001, Budweiser is the most popular beer brand of in the US.Budweiser occupies about 20% of the American beer market. With great success, this beer is also sold in foreign markets, especially in Canada, Mexico, Switzerland and Russia. By the way, in Russia beer Budweiser Budvar, which is brewed in the town of Ceske Budejovice since 1295, is no less popular. Legal proceedings for the right to use the word "Budweiser" in the name of the brand between Czechs and Americans have lasted for more than half a century.