The most popular crisis rounds of 2015: Poland and Peter

During the economic crisis, not everyone will want to deny himself the main pleasure - leave. Among popular destinations, such as Turkey or Egypt, many prefer Europe. The craving for European standards pushes many to go to the euro area and see for themselves what it is. Most can not afford expensive tours to Italy or Spain, but near abroad is quite a budget option.

Available Poland

Of the Eastern European countries, Poland attracts the most. First of all, this is due to the fact that it is not difficult or expensive to get there: by plane, train, bus or car. For those who go there for the first time, you can always find cheap hotels in Cracow. By the way, this city is included in the top most popular destinations in Poland, and is considered the cultural center of the country.

The most iconic sights to visit here, start from the historical center, including the main market square "Rynek Glowny".The city has developed more than 10 walking tours, so every tourist can choose the option based on the time available.

Of particular interest is the architecture of Krakow. That only there is a magnificent Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin or a royal castle in Wawel. Also in the city it is interesting to visit the Jewish quarter, called Kazimierz. Its main difference is that it is completely different from the rest of the city, since it was originally created as a separate place. Here you can see a specific architecture and a lot of interesting shops and shops.

Budget holidays in Russia: St. Petersburg

At worst, if the budget does not allow you to escape abroad, you can always recall the wonderful expanses of the South and North of the country. Those who have a vacation falls for the cool season, you can advise you to go to the cultural capital of Russia. Choose suitable hotels in St. Petersburg will not be difficult. In addition, there is a huge number of hostels and apartments, as well as daily rent of rooms from private individuals.

In addition to the famous historical monuments and museums, in St. Petersburg there are many interesting places: a phone booth at Kazan Street, a love tree on Vasilievsky Island, Chinese Square and others. Especially attractive are walls and houses with graffiti, as well as walks on the roofs! Fans of extraordinary leisure can play in St. Petersburg quests, if they travel the company.