The oldest wines in the world

Ancient wines, whose age is estimated for millennia, reach us either in the form of a dry residue, or in the form of vinegar. That is, it is not possible to try this wine.

Experts say that wines made not earlier than 1700 can be considered usable. And then provided that the alcohol was stored under ideal conditions. It is these drinks that entered our today's Top-5 oldest in the world of wines.


  • 5. "Muscat pink Magarach", 1836
  • 4. Chateau Lafite Rothschild, 1787
  • 3. Ch√Ęteau d'Yquem, 1787
  • 2. "Jerez de la Fronteira", 1775
  • 1.R? Desheimer Apostelwein, 1727

5. "Muscat pink Magarach", 1836

This wine is listed in the Guinness book, as the oldest of all produced in Russia. A total of 3 bottles of this wine have been preserved, which are stored in the wine store of the Research Institute "Magarach" near Yalta.

For the production of "Magarach" wine and 200 years ago, today only grapes grow near the village of Otradnoe, Yalta district.

4. Chateau Lafite Rothschild, 1787

This bottle of wine was purchased by employees of the British company The Antique Wine Company, selling the best wines in the world.

Once the bottle belonged to the first US president, Thomas Jefferson, and then became the property of the Rothschild family. The price of the bottle is estimated at about $ 156,000. However, it is not easy to buy a historical bottle - it was included in the whole collection of 48 vintage wines. Naturally, such a set will be requested a considerable amount.

3. Ch? Teau d'Yquem, 1787

The bottle of this Ch? Teau d'Yquem was sold in 2006 for $ 90,000. Thus, it is the most expensive sweet white wine in the world. The bottle was bought by an anonymous collector from America who said that he does not intend to drink the drink, which means that the wine can still find a new owner.

Before the auction, the bottle for many years adorned the collection of rare alcoholic drinks company Antique.

2. "Jerez de la Fronteira", 1775

Spanish wine is stored in the Crimean museum "Massandra".Five bottles of sherry make up the pearl of the museum collection of wines, which includes just under one million bottles. One of the bottles was sold in 1990 to an anonymous Sotheby's for $ 50,000.

After the wine was twice exhibited at auctions and sold at a comparable price, permission to export wine from Ukraine was given on behalf of the president of the country.

Chronicles show that in 1964 one of the collection bottles was opened for tasting by order of N. Khrushchev. Everyone who happened to try sherry, said that the wine is in excellent condition.

1. R? Desheimer Apostelwein, 1727

12 wine barrels are installed in the cellar of one of Bremen's restaurants, each bearing the name of a biblical apostle. The oldest wine in the world from the number of usable is stored in the "Barrel of Judas", the volume of which is almost 3,000 liters.

Periodically, a few bottles that do not sell, but are donated to monarchs and politicians, are being decanted from the barrel. The last time a bottle was fetched in 1950.

Several times a new wine from the wine city of Ruedesheim was added to the barrel of the best yields - replenishing the sugar of the young wine allows the old to keep its freshness.