The hottest countries in the world

Everyone who considers the Russian summer to be hot, it is worthwhile to imagine what the residents of Qatar have to do with a heat of +50 ° C.And yet this weather in some parts of our planet is by no means a rarity.

In our top ten today are the hottest countries of the world . Here +18 ° C - the reason to get wrapped up is stronger, because where the temperature is higher than plus 30. By the way, contrary to popular belief, not all hot countries are located on the equator.


10. Ethiopia

  • 9. Indonesia
  • 8. India
  • 7. Malaysia
  • 6. Jamaica
  • 5. Bahrain
  • 4. United Arab Emirates
  • 3. Viet Nam
  • 2. Botswana
  • 1. Qatar
  • 10. Ethiopia

    The average annual temperature in this African country is +35 ° С.In winter it is about +28 ° С.True, not everyone here is exhausted by the heat - the areas located on the Ethiopian Highlands are distinguished by a milder and humid climate. Surprisingly, if during the whole year the temperature does not change almost over the seasons, the diurnal swings are significant - up to 15 degrees.

    9. Indonesia

    The average annual temperature in hot Indonesia is about +30 ° C.Fluctuations on seasons are insignificant - 3-5 ° С.The climate here is very wet, so without the habit of carrying it is quite difficult. By the way, in the highlands of the country sometimes there are frosts.

    8. India

    The Himalayas cover India from the cold winds from Central Asia, and the Tar desert "supplies" the region with heat. In summer the temperature in certain regions of the country reaches +48 ° С.The lowest temperature on average is +28 ° С.However, in the high-altitude regions, the thermometer drops to -1 ° C.

    7. Malaysia

    The country is located almost at the equator and is characterized by a hot and humid climate. Air temperature throughout the year ranges from +26 to +35 ° C, rarely rising to +40 ° C.Small fluctuations in temperature and the absence of the rainy season make the country year round attractive for tourists.

    6. Jamaica

    The average annual temperature in Jamaica is about +28 ° C.High temperature is combined here with high humidity. The first Europeans landed in Jamaica, with great difficulty accustomed to the peculiarities of the local climate. Although opponents of the heat can settle in the mountains of Blue Mountains, where the temperature fluctuates around +7 ° C

    5. Bahrain

    The world's smallest Arab state is characterized by a dry tropical climate. The average temperature in summer here is about +40 ° С, in winter - not lower than +17 ° С.Deserts prevail on the territory of the country, so the air is dry, and precipitation practically does not happen.

    4. United Arab Emirates

    Tour operators do not recommend visiting the UAE in the summer months, since not every traveler can stand in the shade at +45 ° С.In winter, the temperature is much more comfortable - around +25 ° C.Precipitation is rare here, but sometimes there are sandstorms from the side of the Rub-al-Khali desert.

    3. Vietnam

    The average temperature in the country during the winter months is about + 17-20 ° C, in the summer the thermometer's column rises to 42 ° C. South Vietnam is worth a visit from December to April, but it's better to go to the central and northern parts of the countryfrom May to October.

    2. Botswana

    The country is located in the southern hemisphere, so the concept of winter and summer here is different from what we are used to. So, in January, here it is +40 ° С, but in July it breathes easier, as the air warms up "only" to +25 ° С.70% of the Botswana area is occupied by the Kalahari Desert, which, of course, does not make the climate more comfortable.

    1. Qatar

    In summer, in the hottest country in the world, the thermometer's column rises to +50 ° C.On the coast of Qatar, air humidity reaches 90%, so the local climate for an unaccustomed person is simply disastrous. True, for such an extreme climate, nature repaid the wealth of the bowels, having presented the reserves of oil and natural gas. Qatar is the leader in the ranking of countries in terms of GDP per capita.