The largest city in the world - Tokyo

The largest city in the world - Tokyo. Being the capital of Japan, it is a cultural, political, economic center, home to over 40% of the population of the whole country. The average population density here is 1000 people per 1 square meter. Megapolis consists of twenty-three districts, twenty-six cities, seven villages and eight villages. It is also complemented by the islands of Izu and Ogasawara on the plain of Kanto of Honshu Island.

In Tokyo, industrial areas, residential areas, the largest transport infrastructure and Tokyo's "sleeping areas" are concentrated, high-tech and high-tech industries are developing, major financial centers are operating, directly the Tokyo Stock Exchange, whose volumes of operations are comparable to the well-known New York stock exchanges.

The largest city in the world is considered the main transport hub of Japan. There are two large airports, a lot of railway stations, bus stations. With other cities, Tokyo is connected by high-speed highways, which converge with high-speed rail lines. The quarters in the capital are interconnected by paved transfers with a multi-tiered interchange. Tokyo is considered to be the only city where electric trains are used at a qualitatively high level.

The capital of Japan is its industrial center. Here are the largest ports, in which fishing boats and ships of coastal shipping moor. Half of the foreign trade turnover of the country passes through them.
In the largest city in the world, the scientific and cultural life is developing rapidly. It is here that the oldest private and public higher educational institutions of Japan are located. The city attracts the attention of tourists with its diverse art galleries, architectural buildings, high-rise skyscrapers, museums. The most famous in the territory of Tokyo is the National Museum, it stores more than eighty-five works of art.

Attractions in Tokyo include attractions such as the TV Tower with the Tokyo Tower, Happoen Garden, Omoto Sando and Harajuku District, Meiji Temple, Asakusa Buddhist Temple, 13 Sumidagawa River bridges, Tsukiji Market. In addition, in the world's largest city you can visit the Museum of samurai swords, wonderful gardens in Japanese style, in wrestling competitions in sumo. Excellent mood and interesting pastime in Tokyo are provided.