Rating of reliability of tour operators in Russia( 2015)

Last year bankruptcies of a number of major tour operators stirred up the Russian tourism market. Today, choosing a company for the organization of recreation, Russians have become more cautious and cautious.

In order not to make a mistake in choosing and not to lose money, time and nerves, it is worthwhile to study the rating of Russia's tour operators for 2015, reflecting their reliability.

Read the updated reliability rating of tour operators in 2017.


  • 10. "Sunrise tour"
  • 9. STC "Intourist"
  • 8. "Anex Tour"
  • 7. "Biblio Globus"
  • 6. Natalie Tours
  • 4. TUI
  • 3. Coral Travel
  • 2. Tez Tour
  • 1. Pegas Touristik

10. "Sunrise Tour"

Opens the top ten, which includes the best tour operators in Russia, a company specializing in leisure in Turkey. In addition, the company organizes trips to Egypt, Europe, Thailand, as well as in other areas.

9. STC "Intourist"

Since 2011, the oldest travel company All-Union joint-stock company "Intourist" works together with Thomas Cook Group. The company cooperates with the largest hotels in Egypt, Greece, Turkey. The operator offers a number of options in the domestic market.

8. "Anex Tour"

In 2015 the company will celebrate its 17th birthday in the Russian tourism market. Last year, the number of tourists who went to rest "Anex Tour", exceeded 1.5 million people. The company owns about 15% of the tourist flow in such directions as the popular Turkey, Egypt, Thailand.

7. "Biblio Globus"

From January 1, 2014 to April 2015, more than 2300 thousand tourists went on vacation with the tour operator. Last year the company opened new directions for itself - Germany, Fiji, Great Britain, Chile and Peru.

6. Natalie Tours

In 2015, the operator added to the most popular destinations, such as Switzerland, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Malta, Sri Lanka, Indonesia and Singapore. The company's financial insurance is registered in a reliable insurance company Ingosstrakh OJSIC.


The company is part of the OTI Holding group, which includes such well-known operators as Odeon Tours, Coral Travel, A-Class Travel, and Turkish Otium Hotels. Sanmar provides flights from 37 cities of Russia.

4. TUI

The tour operator belongs to the international group TUI Group, which is the largest group of travel companies on the world stage. Special conditions are available to TUI customers in 300 hotels, 6 airlines, 12 cruise liners owned by TUI Group.

3. Coral Travel

For its clients the tour operator offers international flights from 38 cities of Russia, 3 cities of Belarus, 10 cities of Poland, 7 cities of Ukraine and several cities of Turkey. Over the past year, the operator has served more than 2.9 million tourists.

2. Tez Tour

The tour operator has been operating on the market for more than 20 years. The company is widely represented not only in Russia, but in Romania, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Belarus. Tez cooperates with such network hotels as Marriott, Le Meridien, Sheraton, Sol Melia, Hilton, Princess, Iberostar, etc.

1. Pegas Touristik

The rating of tour operators of Russia is the most reliable and popular operator in such directions as Turkey, as well as Egypt, Greece and Thailand. In total in the line of tours from "Pegasus" - 22 countries. Departures the company offers from 50 cities of Russia.