Top 10 best movies about love that are worth seeing

Love is. .. Many will remember this chewing gum with nice candy wrappers, from which it was possible to get a lot of romantic, and often wise phrases. But life is more difficult than pictures, and everyone understands love in their own way. And as love in the world cinema is understood, you can find out by watching films from our "love collection".In the , the top 10 best films about the love that are worth seeing include films that can squeeze a tear out of anyone - whether it's a romantic schoolgirl or a seasoned long-distance driver. The compilation is made on the basis of the rating and reviews on the site "KinoBeach" and includes films with years of release from 2000 to 2017.


  • 10. Hurry to love( 2002)
  • 9. Real love( 2003)
  • 8. Barefoot on the pavement( 2005)
  • 7. Artist( 2011)
  • 6. Great Gatsby( 2013)
  • 5. Memoirs of a Geisha( 2005)
  • 4. Pride and Prejudice( 2005)
  • 3. Amelie( 2001)
  • 2. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind( 2004)
  • 1. Memory Diary( 2004)

10. Hurry to Love( 2002)

Rating - 7.9

The list of the best films about love opens a film about teenagers - modestth nondescript daughter of a pastor and the first guy at school, bold, beautiful and passionate. The taming of the obstinate is certainly one of the most common subjects in the world cultural space, but the picture "Hurry to love" is taken off with bribing sincerity. Prepare to shed a sea of ​​tears!

9. Real Love( 2003)

Rating - 7.9

On the set of "Real Love" screenwriter Richard Curtis first time in his life sat in the director's chair - and the result was very successful. The film contains ten stories about a variety of love - akin, friendly, touching, funny, sensual and passionate - which is unlikely to leave the viewer indifferent.

8. Barefoot on the roadway( 2005)

Rating - 7.9

A touching, sincere and slightly "out of this world" story that your soul mate can be found in the most unexpected places. Some moments to the Russian audience may seem, to put it mildly, unusual( foreign mentality!), But they only add a history of sincerity.

7. Artist( 2011)

Rating - 7.9

The film-homage to the era of the "great silent" Hollywood - a stylish black and white movie, fully sustained in the style of the beginning of the century, from titles to strict matching in the costumes and hairstyles of ladies. On this brilliant background, the story of the relationship between the Hollywood star, a handsome man with a crocheted mustache, and a little-known statistic is unfolding.

6. Great Gatsby( 2013)

Rating - 7.9

"Fear your desires - they can come true."These words could be an epigraph to the film based on the novel by F.S.Fitzgerald, whose action takes place in the jazz twenties, when the skirts are shorter, morality is freer, but the gap between the poor and the rich has remained the same.

picture is an interesting fusion of historical and modern - heroes in suits of the twenties dance to the song of Beyonce.

5. Memoirs of a Geisha( 2005)

Rating - 7.9

The fifth place in the top-10 films about love is "Memoirs of a Geisha" - a mysterious closed world of Japanese courtesans, filmed in Hollywood. A girl, sold to a geisha school as a child, carries through a lifetime a passion for one person. In addition to performing the main role of Zhang Ziyi, attention is drawn to the magnificent and tragic game of Gong Li - one of the best modern Chinese actresses.

4. Pride and Prejudice( 2005)

Rating - 7.9

"Pride and Prejudice" Jane Austen is one of the most frequently screened novels, from the exact following of the epoch and the plot, as in the 1995 BBC series, until a new reading in the Indian version of "Bride and Prejudice."The 2005 film is an interesting mix of old and new - a half-story about how a poor girl found her rich prince. Separately it is worth noting the excellent work of the operator.

3. Amelie( 2001)

Rating - 8

It's unlikely that anyone in Russia or the whole Earth has not watched this airy, light and magical film filled with secret joys that seem ridiculous and ridiculous to sensible people, but for the initiated ones- treasures. And, of course, love, like the sun over Paris.

2. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind( 2004)

Rating - 8

Is love a destiny or just a coincidence? Is it possible to completely forget your loved one, even if you really want it? And if you cross it out of memory, will it be possible to make the heart believe it? A sad and touching picture of two good people who suddenly got a second chance.

1. Memory Diary( 2004)

Rating - 8.2

What allowed this movie to assemble complete rooms and provided it with the first line in our rating? The fact is that this is one of the best films about great and pure love, carried through the decades. As in a fairy tale, they lived happily ever after and died one day. And who does not like fairy tales with a happy outcome?

A brief storyline of the tape: an elderly man reading an old woman suffering from Alzheimer's disease, a love story of a young man and a girl from an old worn diary. The young man is poor, she is rich, her parents are against, and then the Second World War begins.