Top 5 best movies in the genre of detective

The genre of the detective in the cinematograph has won a huge spectator's love. The spectator is always carried away by the solution of mysterious incidents and inexplicable stories. The main features of successful detectives are a skilfully twisted plot, convincing play of actors, and the role of special effects is not so significant.

In the last couple of decades in the field of the detective genre there is a lull, almost all the more or less talented screenwriters and directors have switched to the creation of blockbusters in the genre of fantasy and thriller. Today's viewer is much easier to find a worthy novelty on demand to watch a comedy online for free, than for a similar request for a movie-detectives.

Still, true lovers of this kind of cinema do not lose hope to see new worthy samples of the genre, but for now you can remember the best films of detectives, which have become cult paintings of the genre created abroad in the past decades.


  • The Maltese Falcon( 1941)
  • The Window to the Courtyard( 1954)
  • "Death on the Nile"( 1978)
  • "Blue Velvet"( 1986)
  • "Suspicious Persons"(1995).

"Maltese Falcon"( 1941)

And immediately recalls the film of John Huston "The Maltese Falcon."This is a screen version of the dramatic novel Dashiela Hammett, which brilliantly played the legendary Humphrey Bogart. By the way, this picture was the first film in the genre noir. A little about the plot. Private investigator Spade is instructed to find a figurine, which mysteriously disappeared. Very soon, it becomes clear to Spade that the missing artifact is being sought not only by him. ..

"The Window to the Courtyard"( 1954)

The great Hitchcock could not ignore the detective genre. The film is based on the story of Cornell Woolrich. The audience's sympathies provided the film with a position in the rating of 250 films, the best ones according to the IMDb version, and many prominent critics consider it to be the best detective film ever made.

In the center of the plot is a journalist, injured and therefore forced to spend time in a wheelchair. His amusement is the observation of the passing around the life of his neighbors, which he leads from his window to the courtyard. And soon he has a persistent suspicion that there was a murder.

"Death on the Nile"( 1978)

The film, based on the novel by the queen of the genre Agatha Christie, became a masterpiece, and the role of the brilliant detective was played by no less brilliant Peter Ustinov, noted by two Oscars.

The action takes place on a boat that sails along the Nile. It is here that the mysterious murder of one of the passengers occurs, namely the young millionaire. Each passenger had the opportunity to commit evil deeds, but who did it, to establish only the extraordinary mind of Hercule Poirot.

"Blue Velvet"( 1986)

Directed by David Lynch, the film was awarded a lot of awards and prizes, nominated for an Oscar for directing.

The protagonist student Jeffrey Beaumont returns from college to his hometown because of a parent's illness. The usual tranquility of the provincial town surrounds him, but the usual course of things is suddenly violated by a terrible find - a cut ear that was found by the hero in the field.

"Suspicious persons"( 1995).

A modern film in neo-noir stylistics is directed by Brian Singer. The film is stably at high positions in the IMDb rating. Included in the top ten most notable detectives shot in Hollywood according to the authoritative opinion of the American Film Institute.

The action in the picture is shown in several time intervals, the picture is one big flashback, based on the story of one of the participants in the criminal group, who undertook an extraordinary crime.

When the viewer wants to cheer up, he will take the opportunity, for example, to watch free comedies online. The secret of the popularity of detectives must be sought in their inherent magic - this is the charm of secrecy combined with the charisma of charismatic and strong spirit of heroes. And they are distinguished by the ability to keep in suspense until the last frame, and it is often in the last few minutes before the astonished spectator that the fullness of the intention and the significance of all previous actions of the characters are revealed.

If any of the above mentioned films you have not yet had the happiness to see, then be sure to fill this gap. You will get a real pleasure and spend unforgettable hours watching the best films in the genre of detective .