Top 5 cheapest films in the history of cinema

To attract viewers to the cinema, producers spend millions of dollars on special effects, fees for Hollywood stars, an advertising campaign, etc. As a result, the budget of the picture can be hundreds of millions. However, not always such costs pay off and bring profit.

Meanwhile, there are examples in history of how a film worth tens of thousands of dollars brought creators profit and fame. It is these paintings that are included in today's Top 5 of the cheapest movies in the history of cinema.

5. Night of the Living Dead( budget - $ 114 thousand)

  • 4. Witch from Blair: Course from the Other World( budget - $ 20 thousand)
  • 3. Fuse( budget - $ 7 thousand)
  • 2. In Bad Taste( Budget- $ 3 thousand)
  • 1. The big robbery of the train( budget - $ 100)
  • 5. Night of the Living Dead( budget - $ 114 thousand)

    To create this horror, we used an impressively nightmare makeup and pork offal instead of computer graphics. The creator of the picture, George Romero originally planned to shoot a comedy, but it turned out to be a pretty eerie film, from which the blood runs cold. In addition, it was after the "Night of the Living Dead" that the term "zombie" appeared in the movie. At the box office, the film was incredibly popular, bringing the creators $ 42 million.

    4. Witch from Blair: Coursework from the other world( budget - $ 20 thousand)

    This low-budget horror film was filmed in 1999 by fans of independent American cinema. According to the plot, three students lost their way in the forest during the filming of the course project about a local legend - a mysterious witch from Blair.

    Filming for an amateur camera, designed to reduce the price of the painting, were perceived by the audience as an original find. The film was appreciated by investors, and Artisan Entertainment acquired the Blair Witch for $ 1.1 million. At the box office, the picture was $ 248 million.

    3. Fuse( budget - $ 7 thousand)

    Tape to anyone previously unknown Shane Carruta took the first prize of the prestigious independent film festival "Sundance".The director himself wrote the script and also starred in one of the main roles. The plot tells about the travels in time, and the action of the film takes place in the father's house of Shane Carruta. In the episodes the whole family of the director was shot.

    Despite the high appreciation of the jury of the festival, viewers scold the film for the disgusting sound quality and not quite convincing game of the cast. However, during the shows no one left the hall, noting that the picture has some fascinating appeal, despite all the shortcomings.

    2. In a bad taste( budget - $ 3 thousand)

    This film was the first work of the famous New Zealand director Peter Jackson. The shooting of this fantastic film took several years, becauseThe entire budget consisted of a student's Jackson Scholarship. All alien weapons in the film were made of aluminum pipes, and masks for aliens Peter Jackson's mom baked in their own home oven. So, no creator of "The Lord of the Rings" and "King Kong" did not even think of any computer technologies and special effects.

    The director himself played in the movie 2 roles, the rest went to his friends. By the way, there is no female character in the movie.

    1. The big robbery of the train( budget - $ 100)

    This film of 1903 lasts only 11 minutes. He was removed by Thomas Edison, creating the first picture, which not only demonstrates an episode from life, but has a short path, but a plot. The film is based on real events, and briefly talks about the bold robbery of the Union Pacific train in 1900.By the way, the film was one of the most cash in the film industry. Charges from the display of "Robbery" amounted to $ 20 thousand, which is 200 times the budget picture. For example, "Avatar" paid off at the box office only 11 times.