Most popular Christmas and New Year movies, Forbes rating

The New Year is the time for the most desired gifts, and for good family films, which strengthen children's faith in miracles, and cause nostalgia in adults. Remembering this magazine Forbes published the official rating of the most popular Christmas films , which can be viewed by the whole family.

The list of the best New Year's movies of all time was compiled, based on the only criterion - box office at the American box office.


  • 10. Santa Claus-3( 2006)
  • 9. "Four Christmas"( 2008)
  • 8. "Christmas Story"( 2009)
  • 7. "Santa Claus-2"( 2002)
  • 6."Santa Claus"( 1994)
  • 5. "Elf"( 2003)
  • 4. "Alone at home 2: Lost in New York"( 1992)
  • 3. "Polar Express"( 2004)
  • 2. "The grinch-the kidnapperChristmas "(2000)
  • 1." Alone at home "(1990)

10. Santa Claus-3( 2006)

Cash gathering: 84.5 million dollars

Opens the hit parade of the highest-grossing Christmas and New Year's movies third filmpopular franchise about Scott Calvin, zanimyuschem position of Santa Claus. He invites relatives to celebrate Christmas, and is preparing for the birth of his son. As a result, Scott's family and chief elf Curtis are forced to confront the villain Jack Frost. Frost intends to become the ruler of the North Pole and take Christmas from Santa.

9. "Four Christmas"( 2008)

Cash desk - $ 120.15 million It's good to spend Christmas with your family. Homeliness, delicious food, champagne. Just do, if both his and her parents are divorced, and to celebrate Christmas with all have to visit four houses in one day?

8. "Christmas Story"( 2009)

Earned at the box office - 137.86 million dollars

This magnificent cartoon, one of the best adaptations( rating Guardian) by Charles Dickens's book "Christmas song" and the most modern in the chart. It is made using motion capture technology. The inimitable Jim Carrey plays Scrooge, a Victorian miser, who again remembers what kindness and compassion are during traveling with the ghosts of Christmas past, present and future. Ghosts, by the way, Kerry also plays. Some reviews recommend watching this movie without small children, as not every child will like the gloomy views of Victorian England, sharp special effects and loud, albeit beautiful music.

7. "Santa Claus-2"( 2002)

Rental fees - $ 139.24 million The seventh number in our top 10 family New Year movies is the story of how Mr. Santa Claus( in the world - Scott Calvin) got Mrs. Santa Claus, and his twin arranged a complete mess on the North Pole.

6. "Santa Claus"( 1994)

Revenue: 144.83 million dollars

How could the ranking of New Year's movie bestsellers do without the first film about Scott Calvin? It tells how Scott took the office of Santa and how the usual entertainment of the children differs from the serious work of the "organizer of Christmas".

5. "Elf"( 2003)

Results of hire - $ 173.4 million

Will Ferrell plays Buddy, adopted by the boy's elves. He grew up, but he does not know his human origins until he gets to the cynical New York from the merry and carefree North Pole to find his father. In this picture there are all the components of a good New Year's story: elves, deer, talking snowman and Santa Claus.

4. "Alone at home 2: Lost in New York"( 1992)

Cash gathering - 173.59 million dollars

The fourth position in the ranking is a comedy with the participation of the new US President Donald Trump and some Macaulay Culkin. She has a lot of imitators, but no one managed to achieve such frenzied popularity. The adventures of Kevin and the two robber losers Harry and Marv are like mandarins for the New Year. Without them, you can do, but the festive feelings are not the same.

3. "Polar Express"( 2004)

Cartoon cash desk - $ 183.37 million Top 3 most popular New Year's movies reveal a cartoon about an unusual train and a little boy who doubts the magic of Christmas. A magical express must take the hero to the North Pole to bring his faith back to the Western counterpart of Santa Claus. On the way of passengers, dangerous adventures await, but can anything stop a train traveling to a children's dream? Perhaps the Polar Express will not be too interesting for an adult audience, but children who are already "too big to believe in Santa Claus" will love it.

2. "The grinch is the thief of Christmas"( 2000)

Rental fees - 260 million dollars

It's a shame when everyone in the town of Kutograd is having fun at Christmas, and you are green, but not an orc, you live in a cave, but not a caveman andnobody invites you for a festive table. How here to act? Steal Christmas and spoil the holiday to all other people.

The only minus of comedy - Grinch performed by Jim Carrey often farts and publishes other unpleasant sounds. Not all viewers are ready for this.

1. "Alone at home"( 1990)

Rental income - $ 286 million The first place among the most popular New Year's films of all time is the oldest comedy about Kevin McCallister and two crooks who were not lucky enough to meet a cute baby.

"I want my family to disappear" - not the most trivial Christmas desire of a little boy, slightly tired of his big and noisy family. And when it came true( without Santa's intervention, enough stupid parents), Kevin did not have to miss. He was the only protector of the big house, into which decided to climb a couple of not too smart, but very stubborn robbers.