Top 10 films about knights and the Middle Ages, the list of the best

The era of the Middle Ages is the days of brave knights, beautiful and proud ladies, noble robbers and mysterious sages. You can also add about widespread unsanitary conditions, short life expectancy, illness and hunger, but who needs a harsh reality when the soul craves a beautiful and exalted tale? We present to you the most fascinating movies about knights and the Middle Ages .The list of the best was compiled in accordance with the spectator rating on "Kinopoyiske".It includes films released between 2000 and 2017.

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  • 8. Arn: The United Kingdom( 2008)
  • 6. Arn: United Kingdom( 2008)
  • 5Robin Hood( 2010)
  • 4. Tristan and Isolde( 2005)
  • 3. John the Woman on the Holy See( 2009)
  • 2. The Kingdom of Heaven( 2005)
  • 1. The Knight's Story( 2001)
  • 10. The Iron Knight( 2010))

    Rating - 6.6

    Knight of the Order of the Templars Thomas Marshall defends Rochester Castle( one of the first stone castles built in England) from mercenaries led by King Johnth landless. The film has a lot of blood, so it's better not to look at impressionable people.

    9. Black Death( 2010)

    Rating - 6.6

    In ancient 1348, the bubonic plague raged in England. In this terrible time, a group of knights, together with a young monk, travels to the village, which the plague, for some unknown reason, bypasses. In this case, the leader of the knights Ulrich, sent by Bishop Bishop, must find a necromancer who, in the opinion of the church, is able to raise from the graves of the dead who died from the plague. A monk Oswald wants to save his girlfriend, although this is contrary to religious beliefs. In this picture there will be no Good in radiant armor and absolute Evil. But there will be a gloomy and harsh Middle Ages, shown without embellishment, as well as merciless religious fanaticism, which not everyone will like.

    8. King Arthur( 2004)

    Rating - 7

    King Arthur is known as one of the most popular characters of the British epic. On his adventures written a lot of books, movies are shot, and there are even computer games. However, the director of "King Arthur" made his characters are not British, but a Sarmatian detachment operating on British territory. At their head is the Roman Arthurius. After serving the Roman Empire the time it takes( and this is a long 15 years) the Sarmatians already mentally returned home. However, the detachment receives the last task: to deliver from the north the godson of the Pope and his family to a safe place.

    7. Arn: Knight Templar( 2007)

    Rating - 7

    Swedish youth Arn, the son of a poor landowner, was sent to study in a monastery and there, under the guidance of his brother Gilbert, learned to shoot with a bow, own a sword and ride a horse. However, after completing his studies, Arn was forced by circumstances to go to the Kingdom of Jerusalem as a knight Templar. The spectators are waiting for very qualitatively filmed duels, a realistic depiction of life in the XII century and beautiful scenery of Scandinavia and the Holy Land. The creators of the film paid much attention to the equipment and weapons of the heroes, which will please the reenactors and just fans of the Middle Ages.

    6. Arn: United Kingdom( 2008)

    Rating - 7.1

    In the best historical films about the Middle Ages, there was another film about the knight Arn. Having been in many cruel battles, he is leaving Jerusalem completely different person. Arn returns to Sweden, torn apart by feudal feuds, to his family and first love, Cecilia. However, in his native land Arnu again has to fight with the enemies that threaten his clan.

    5. Robin Hood( 2010)

    Rating - 7.1

    Once upon a time lived a noble and resourceful robber who robbed the rich and gave gold to the poor. His name was Robin Hood. But how Robin Hood reached the life of a robber, will tell a film shot by Ridley Scott. Starring stars such as Russell Crowe and Cate Blanchett, which means that you will not have to complain about a bad acting.

    4. Tristan and Isolda( 2005)

    Rating - 7.3

    The story of the love of the brave warrior Tristan, the heir to the British king, and the gentle, kind Irish Princess Isolda. The girl nurses the wounded warrior and a strong and pure feeling arises between them. However, in a foreign land, Tristan is threatened with death and he has to leave Isolde. Later, fate brings them again, but the princess is again promised not to Tristan.

    If you think this is a tearful melodrama, then you are deeply mistaken. Intrigues, battles - all this in "Tristan and Isolde" in abundance, as well as magnificent entourage and beautiful music.

    3. John - a woman on the papal throne( 2009)

    Rating - 7.5

    The top films about the Middle Ages have enough stories about strong and independent men. It's time to dilute them with a story about a strong and independent Papes. Officially, the Vatican did not recognize that one day the Pope( under the name of John VIII) five months was a woman named John. According to legend, the future Papessa was born in the family of an English missionary on the day of the death of Charlemagne. Dressed in a man's dress, John lived for a long time in Rome, passing from the notary curia to the cardinal and then the Pope. By the way, it is believed that it is because of the events associated with John that the newly elected pontiffs before Leo X had to undergo the procedure of "checking masculinity."To do this, served as a special chair with a slot in the center. One of the cardinals climbed under the seat and made sure that the future Pope had a masculine nature.

    2. The Kingdom of Heaven( 2005)

    Rating - 7.5

    The second place in the selection of the best films about the knights is the adventure thriller Ridley Scott about the young gunsmith Balian. He joins the detachment of the Crusaders, led by his father. However, in one of the battles, the father gets seriously wounded and, dying, dedicates his son to knights. At the walls of Jerusalem, the young man will have to prove that he is worthy of the honor given.

    1. Knight's story( 2001)

    Rating - 7.7

    A movie called "The Knight's Story" could not pass the list of the best films about knights. Let this film, referring immediately to the three genres - action movie, melodrama, comedy - and filmed in the distant 2001, but reviews about it are mostly good, in addition, it can be watched with children. Very interesting, exciting and kind turned out the story of William, who after the death of his master took his armor and weapons and began to impersonate a noble knight Ulrich von Liechtenstein. On the way to the glory and love of the beautiful lady William awaits a lot of trials. But one who has firmly decided to become a knight will overcome any difficulties.