Rating of TV series 2014-2015

This year gave fans of the series a lot of noteworthy new products. A lot of long-awaited releases are prepared for the upcoming 2016 year. Ahead of the audience waiting for a completely new telenovela, and the continuation of long-loved stories.

Introducing the rating of the series 2014-2015 , which included 10 of the most popular multi-series films, as well as the most anticipated premiere of the upcoming season.

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Contents: 10. Gotham

  • 9. Incredible Hulk
  • 8. Backstrom
  • 7. "Daemon da Vinci"
  • 6. Better call Sol
  • 5. Strain
  • 4. Fargo
  • 3. Houdini
  • 2. The Big Bang Theory
  • 1The Game of Thrones
  • 10. Gotham

    The series is dedicated to the beginning of the career of Commissioner of Police Gordon - hero of the comics about Batman. In the series will appear Joker, Catwoman, Penguin, as well as Poison Ivy and other famous characters. In the first season of "Gotham" there were 16 episodes.

    9. Incredible Hulk

    The director and producer of the series, which is scheduled to premiere at the end of the fall of 2014, was made by Guillermo del Toro. It is announced that the series will be decorated with spectacular special effects and new storylines.

    8. Backstrom

    The protagonist of the series is Detective Everett Backstrom. His department deals with particularly complex criminal crimes. The first season of "Backstrom" is planned for the end of this year - beginning of 2015.The series is based on the popular series of novels by Swede Leif G. V. Persson.

    7. "Da Vinci Daemons"

    In March 2015, the third season of a fantastic series is planned, the plot of which is an alternative interpretation of the history of Leonardo da Vinci. The second season, shown in the spring of 2014, was a huge success and was awarded two Emmy awards.

    6. Better call Saul

    This series is a spin-off prequel of the criminal drama "In All Grave".The premiere of one of the most anticipated series of 2015 is scheduled for February. The plot tells the story of Saul, a lawyer who wants to open his own office in cooperation with the killer Mike.

    5. Strain

    The plot of the series in America begins a severe epidemic, the victims of which turn into vampires. A group of brave men begins to fight the virus, which promises to become dangerous and long. While filming one season "Strain", which includes 12 episodes.

    4. Fargo

    The genre of this popular series is a black tragicomedy. The series was based on the plot of the film of the Coen brothers of the same name. Premiere Fargo was held in the spring of 2014, for the next year is scheduled for the second season, consisting of 10 new episodes. The main role in the series was played by Billy Bob Thornton.

    3. Houdini

    In this mini-series, a popular magician appears in the unusual hypostasis of a British spy. According to the authors, Houdini actively cooperates with the police and intelligence of the United Kingdom.

    2. The Big Bang Theory

    This sitcom came out in 2007.Currently, the audience is shown the eighth season, and CBS plans to have 3 more seasons, which will last until 2017.During the years of the broadcast, the series received several prestigious awards, including Emmy and Golden Globe.

    1. The Game of Thrones

    The fourth season of the best series was shown in the spring of 2014, the release date of the fifth season of the Games of Thrones - April 2015.Filming of the fifth season started in July and was held in Northern Ireland, Croatia and Spain.