Rating of the most expensive phones in the world

Now the cell phone has ceased to be a luxury, and in developed countries the number of phones in use has long exceeded the population. At the same time, the range of cell phones on the market is always updated and updated. Now anyone can find a suitable model of the phone, both in terms of functionality and price. The range of rates for cell phones is quite wide: from a certain number of tens of $ and up to astronomical figures. This article is about the most expensive cell phones.

First, we will mention exclusive models released in a limited number, we will later consider the most expensive models of cell phones currently on the Russian market.


  • TOP-5 of the most expensive exclusive cell phones
    • 1. Diamond Crypto Smartphone
    • 2. Goldvish
    • 3. Vertu Signature Diamond Collection
    • 4. Black Diamond by Sony Ericsson
    • 5. Stainless Steel Signature Duo
  • The most expensive cell phones in Russiamarket
    • 1. Vertu Signature Platinum
    • 2. Mobiado Professional EM
    • 3. Nokia 8800 Mart Edition
    • 4. LG PRADA
    • 5. Nokia Mobiado Professional

Top 5 most expensive exclusive cell phones

In the above five, we deliberately do not specify the characteristics,as for buyers of these cell phones technThe physical side of the issue is by no means the first. The main thing for those who purchase such devices is style. And the sky-high cost of these phones is caused only by the use of precious metals and stones, and not by technical delights.

1. Diamond Crypto Smartphone

The leader is the Diamond Crypto Smartphone with a price of $ 1,300,000.This is the most expensive phone in the world. It is noteworthy that the manufacturer of the phone is the Russian company Ancort, which develops different cryptosystems( hence the name of the device).The body of the cellular device is made of 950 platinum and is encrusted with diamonds by Austrian jewelers.

2. Goldvish

On the second place - a cell phone of the Swiss company Goldvish worth 1 000 000 euros. The company Goldvish and earlier was known for quite expensive models of phones. The phone case is made of whitish gold, and, in addition, is encrusted with diamonds.

3. Vertu Signature Diamond Collection

The third place belongs to the cell phone company Vertu( the English branch of Nokia), part of the collection Vertu Signature Diamond Collection. The cost of the device is 350 000 $.The model is released in a limited edition of 200 copies. The case of the cellular device is also made of gold and decorated with precious stones.

4. Black Diamond by Sony Ericsson

The fourth place is the Black Diamond cell phone from Sony Ericsson. The back of the phone designer Jaren Goh( Jaren Goh) decorated with diamonds. In total, five similar devices were manufactured, costing $ 300,000.

5. Stainless Steel Signature Duo

Closes the top five Stainless Steel Signature Duo for $ 14,800.The main materials of the body - titanium, aluminum, as in previous models, are inlaid with precious stones.

The most expensive cellular phones of the Russian market

The situation with serial phone models is somewhat different. Here the cost is determined mainly by the characteristics of the phone. Let's see what the sellers of cell phones offer to Russians. So, TOP-5 most expensive phones on the Russian market:

1. Vertu Signature Platinum


is already being driven by the familiar Vertu company with the Vertu Signature Platinum phone. The cost of the phone in Russia - from 70 000 $.The phone has a TFT-display, displaying 65,536 colors, resolution of 128 x 160 pixels;polyphonic call. Communication capabilities are limited to a WAP browser. G. Entering the market - 2003. Not the best parameters for a modern cellular phone, and the high cost is due to the platinum case.

2. Mobiado Professional EM

The second place in our rating is the mobile phone Mobiado Professional EM, which starts at $ 2,200.The phone case is finished with 2 wood species - Kokobolo and Honduras rosewood. Display TFT, 65536 colors, 128 x 128 pixels. The cell phone has Java support, is equipped with an MP3 player, FM-receiver, 1.3 megapixel camera. Communication possibilities: IRDA, Bluetooth, MMS, GPRS.G. Entering the market - 2005.

3. Nokia 8800 Mart Edition

In the third place - Nokia 8800 Mart Edition, cost from 1880 $.The phone has good technical characteristics: TFT display, 262144 colors, 208 x 208 pixels.64 Megabytes of integrated memory. Java, MP3 player, FM-receiver, 0.5 mp camera, MMS, GPRS, Bluetooth. D. Entering the market - 2006.


The fourth line of the rating was taken by LG PRADA.Its cost is 1840 $.The cell phone has a large no-button sensitive display measuring 240 x 400 pixels. The display technology is TFT, 262,144 colors. Other features: Java, MP3 player, 2 megapixel camera, MMS, GPRS, Bluetooth, WIFI.Thickness of the apparatus is 12 millimeters. G. Entering the market - 2007.

5. Nokia Mobiado Professional

5th place is occupied by Mobiado Professional from Nokia. Its cost is $ 1750.The body of the cellular device is made of aviation aluminum with a ceramic coating. Display TFT, 65536 colors, 128 x 128 pixels.6 Megabytes of integrated memory, support for MMC memory cards. Communication possibilities: MMS, GPRS, IRDA, Bluetooth, FM-receiver. The camera is 0.3 megapixels. G. Entering the market - 2004.

As you can see, the price range of cell phones on the Russian market is somewhat different. This is obvious, because all models, except, perhaps, the leader - Vertu Singature Platinum, are serial and are made massively. However, they are not designed for a broad audience, because you can not afford such a mobile phone by any means.