Rating of the most beautiful undergrounds in the world

In the course of traveling on an unfamiliar or, on the contrary, a well-known and long-beloved country everyone wants to find as possibly more unusual and original places. There is nothing easier - get down into the ground. Do not be afraid, we do not suggest you go to explore caves, crypts or, God forbid, sewers - under the ground and without them there will be a lot of interesting.

In every major city there is a subway, and some copies of the subway impress as well as monuments and museums. We invite you to an exciting journey through the brightest and most creative metro stations.


From time to time, modern works of contemporary art and samples of innovative design are expected by tourists not at art galleries. The best confirmation of this is the Prague Metro, whose bold and bright design can be envied by the best examples of modern architectural art. The combination of different materials, textures and colors makes the metro unique.

New York

The most noisy city of America was constantly distinguished by the crowded metro: everyone is in a hurry on business, completely immersed in their thoughts. To bring to life the inhabitants of the city more refinement and food for themselves, the best artists from the whole world have created a unique design for any station. Before you go on subjugation of the New York metro, it's great to get acquainted with the on-line guide, which will help you not to miss a single interesting art object.


Cool sowing. The city is one of the world's capitals of creative design. For this reason, there was no shortage of bold authors who created a special design for any metro station. Never before had a trip on public transport so elevated. The Stockholm metro is often called the world's longest exhibition: over the design of 90 out of 100 stations, 140 versatile artists worked.


The Paris metro opened in 1900 is one of the most famous in the whole world. The world of high art begins right at the entrance: it is at any station made in the classical art nouveau style. The metro station at the Louvre and itself is similar to the part of the museum exposition: be sure to check here. The stations in Montmartre continue the traditions of the ancient area of ‚Äč‚Äčartists and writers: the walls of the metro are painted with strangely bright and unusual paintings, both in classical style and in graffiti style.


This metro is one of the youngest in the world - it was opened only in 1972. . But such a riot of fantasy, a subtle sense of style and color there, perhaps, nowhere else in the world. It's more scenery for a fantastic film or a fairy tale than a conventional station - it remains to envy the inhabitants of the city who can admire this beauty every day. Perfect combination of urban and classical trends in design.


Warm colors, relaxing atmosphere and light touch of ethnics - this is not only the city itself, but also its metro. A trip is a real pleasure for the eyes and for oneself.


The most high-tech and modern metropolitan of South America every day welcomes more than 2 million people. High-tech successfully neighbors with the classics: at the station of the University of Chile it is possible to see a huge installation telling about the history of the country. At other stations, you will find pictures of modern artists and media panels with an exciting story about the life of the city.


The high-speed metro opened its doors for the first time only in the autumn of the previous year, however long preparations cost the effect. This is a real galactic express - the metro looks like a picture of the future not only inside but also outside. The striking architecture of the ground part attracts tourists from the whole world.


The striking, fascinating, world-like world of Japan has found a worthy reflection in the Tokyo subway. It is only at first sight firmly encased in the armor of plastic and metal, but in fact the design of the stations reflected a large number of ancient traditions. Be sure to make a stop at Shinjuku station - it is rich and beautifully decorated, and its ceilings resemble the azure sky with floating clouds.