The best plastic windows in 2017, the quality rating of profiles

Plastic windows are the most popular choice. They are durable, well isolate noise, easy to care for, and their thermal insulation properties are especially important in the continental type of climate, with hot summers and severe winters. What are the best plastic windows for an apartment? The rating of plastic windows on the quality of , compiled in 2017 according to users' reviews from Irecommend and Otzovik, will help to answer this question. Also, when compiling a window chart, criteria were taken into account such as the longevity of the firm, the popularity of the products produced, the quality of the service and, of course, the price.


  • 10. Panorama
  • 9. JUS
  • 8. Deceuninck
  • 7. Proplex
  • 6. Kaleva
  • 5. Montblanc
  • 4. Salamander
  • 3. KBE
  • 2. REHAU
  • 1. VEKA

10. Panorama

The cost of the two-leavedwindows - from 7 433 rubles.

Opens the rating of the best plastic windows Panorama - is one of the oldest manufacturers of plastic windows on the Russian market, which has been keeping afloat for more than 20 years. During these years, the St. Petersburg company glazed over 1.5 million square meters. While users are upset only one thing - that the company's service is so unobtrusive that it is difficult to get information about possible options.

9. SOK

The cost is from 14 000 rubles.

SOK, or "Samara window constructions", was founded in 1999.Its own production company does not have, and profiles are manufactured under the patronage of the German concern Profine. In the rating for the quality of profiles for plastic windows, the Profine KBE profile produced by the is considered one of the best , they have many praises for durability and durability. Cons: windows may turn yellow, possibly due to a violation of technology at the Russian manufacturing plant.

8. Deceuninck

Prices - from 9 490 rub.

The Belgian concern The Deceuninck Group is one of the top three manufacturers of PVC windows all over the world .The Russian branch of the company has established itself as the creation of a new profile system Favorit Space, which received the Innovation Time Award for its high energy efficiency. It is important that the company's windows are ISO certified. Cons: cheap options for the company as a whole are worse than similar budget proposals on the market.

7. Proplex

The prices - from 8 503 rbl.

Proplex windows are manufactured in the Moscow region using Austrian equipment, while raw materials and components from leading suppliers in the US and European countries are used in production. Although windows windows Proplex rather positioned as a budget product, but they are of sufficient quality even for the Siberian frosts. PVC has good quality - it does not crack and does not turn yellow with time. Censorship of users is mainly caused by accessories - the quality of it leaves much to be desired.

6. Kaleva

The cost is from 8 890 rubles.

Kaleva - Russian full-cycle window company .This means that the windows they do solely themselves, from the development of the window and ending with its installation. Pros of the company is an extensive network of companies-dealers with representations in more than 80 cities of Russia. Unfortunately, one of the drawbacks - the quality of both the windows themselves and their installation depends very much on the dealer company. It is worth paying attention to the fact that the company's head office does not accept complaints on unscrupulous dealers - find out, they say, themselves.

5. Montblanc

Price for a turn-key - from 8 750 rub.

The company is the owner of one of largest Russian plants for the production of PVC profiles , built under the supervision of Austrian specialists in 2001.Since then, the company has developed many types of profiles, ranging from standard triple to exotic five-chamber. At the moment, seven varieties of profile are created for any customer needs. From the pros - easily bend under the windows of any shape. Of the minuses - in some cases, can turn yellow, and the accessories are not the best.

4. Salamander

Average price - 21 650 rubles.

The company has its own production of the German components of the highest quality, which allows the delivery of the required orders in the operational time, up to such unusual windows as windows with protection against the meteorite fall ( undoubtedly, the residents of Chelyabinsk should appreciate them).More traditional systems are distinguished by the thoughtfulness of design, endurance and durability. Salamander has some of the best PVC windows on the market in terms of quality, but there is a disadvantage - the price.

3. KBE

The price, on the average - 8 578 rbl.

The third place in the rating of manufacturers of plastic windows is occupied by KBE company - its windows have long ago become one of the most popular solutions for the glazing of the apartment. The profile is highly appreciated by both users and experts - it's not for nothing that the company's specialists participated in the development of GOSTs for windows in 1997-1999, making the KBE windows practically the standard. Users are generally satisfied, believing that KBE is one of the best plastic windows and represents an optimal price / quality ratio. But, of course, much depends on the supplier and installer.


It is possible to order for 6 660 rub.

The German company REHAU has been developing and manufacturing window PVC systems since 1969.Over the years of the company's existence, many profiles have been developed, ranging from the classic three-chamber to the innovative six-dimensional. Unfortunately, very much depends on the supplier and installer. Well, and overpay for the advertised brand is also not very desirable.


The cost of installation, on average - 11 170 rubles.

The best profile for plastic windows on the Russian market is VEKA - another German company that has been on the market for more than 45 years. VEKA is one of the largest brands in the world of , having representation not only in European countries, but also in Latin America, Southeast Asia and China. In 1999, the first VEKA plant was built in Russia. The company produces only top quality profiles A by European standards, which one to choose - it's up to you. Pleasant appearance, variety of profiles, endurance and temperature stability are qualities that attracted the attention of customers. But, again, a lot depends on the installer and the quality of the hardware.