Rating of the largest lakes in the world

The summer is over, but I'd like to remember about it. Summer is a wonderful time when you can relax on the lake with friends. But today we will not talk about ordinary lakes, but about the largest lakes in the world .There will also be photos so that you can appreciate the beauty of our world with your own eyes.

The lake is a lake filled with water, which has tributaries and is a component of the Earth's hydrosphere.


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  • 1st place: The largest lake in the world:

10th place

Malawi is the southernmost lakeRift Valley in Tanzania( East Africa).Contains 7% of fresh water reserves in the world.

Occupied area - 29 000 km?

9th place

The Big Bear Lake is located on the territory of Canada. It was here that the first uranium deposits were discovered.9 months a year the lake is covered with ice, so the shipping period is very short.

Occupied area - 31 000 km?

8th place

Baikal - is the deepest lake in the world. Its greatest depth reaches 1642 meters. Contains the largest reserves of fresh water. It is also the cleanest lake on the planet. Pride of Russia, Lake Baikal, is located in the south of Eastern Siberia.

Occupied area - 31,700 km?

7th place

Tanganyika - located in Central Africa, on the territory of four states, is the longest lake in the world - its length is 650 kilometers.

Occupied area - 33 000 km?

6th place

Aral Sea( sea) is a drainless salt lake located on the territory of Central Asia, on the territory of Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. The Aral Sea is the largest natural disaster. As a result of the water intake, the lake ceases to exist, in 50 years its area has been reduced from 69,000 km?- up to 13.5 km? .Scientists agree that it is already impossible to prevent drying out and by 2020 the Aral Sea will not be seen by anyone.

Occupied area - 13,5 km?

5 place

Michigan - enters the Great Lakes system along with Upper and Huron. Three of these lakes are connected in a single system by straits, but they are generally considered separate lakes. It is located in the north of the USA.

Occupied area - 57,750 km?

4 place

Huron - the second largest among the Great Lakes, is on the border of the US and Canada. It is located east of Lake Michigan.

Occupied area - 57 000 km?

3rd place

Victoria - the third largest lake in the world, is located in East Africa on the territory of 3 states. The third is for fresh water reserves after the Upper and Baikal. Named in honor of Queen Victoria by the British traveler and discoverer John Spic.

Occupied area - 68,900 km?

2nd place

Upper - located on the border of Canada and the USA, this lake is the largest freshwater lake in the world in the world. The original name was translated as "Big Water", then as "the highest lake", but later it was renamed with the reservation that it is the largest on the continent.

Occupied area - 82,700 km?

1 st place: The largest lake in the world :

Caspian Sea - despite the fact that the geographical name is "the sea", the Caspian is the largest lake on Earth. The sea is called because of tectonic features of the oceanic type, but in essence it is a large drainless lake, whose water level is subject to constant fluctuations. The Caspian is located on the border of Europe and Asia, has a different level of salinity, from 0.05% at the mouth of the Volga, to 13% in the south.

Occupied area - 371,000 km?