The most expensive streets in the world

In the ranking compiled by Cushman &Wakefield, collected the most expensive streets of the world .They are ranked by the cost of renting one square meter of the area.

In 2014, one of the streets of Moscow - Stoleshnikov Lane entered the top ten, but the leader, Fifth Avenue, has remained unchanged for several years. For clarity, a small room of 40 square meters can be rented at a price per month from 900 thousand to 6 million rubles.


  • 10. Stoleshnikov Lane, Moscow
  • 9. Bahnhofstrasse, Zurich
  • 8. Myeongdong, Seoul
  • 7. Ginza, Tokyo
  • 6. Via Montenapoleone, Milan
  • 5. Pitt Street Mall, Sydney
  • 4. New Bond Street, New York
  • 3. Avenue des Champs-? Lys? Es, Paris
  • 2. Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
  • 1. Upper 5th Avenue, New York

10. Stoleshnikov Lane, Moscow

In last year's ranking, the lane occupied 12th place, in the current he entered the Top-10.Rent a square meter here costs 4,500 euros per year. Naturally, at this rental price, in Stoleshnikov there are only fashionable shops and luxury apartments.

9. Bahnhofstrasse, Zurich

Renting a square meter of space costs 7,500 euros per year here. At Bahnhofstrasse sell the world's best watches, as well as exclusive models of clothing from European designers.

8. Myeongdong, Seoul

The main shopping street of the Korean capital is famous for its medium and high price shops. Thus for rent of square meter in a year it will be necessary to pay 7 900 euros.

7. Ginza, Tokyo

In one of the most luxurious areas of the Japanese capital is the famous shopping center. Rent per square meter per year will cost 8 000 euros. And at the same time the street is full of shops, cafes, clubs and restaurants.

6. Via Montenapoleone, Milan

This street last year also occupied the sixth line in the final rating of the most expensive ones. The cost of renting a square meter will be 8,500 euros per year. Via Montenapoleone hosts the Milan Fashion Week, where the most expensive clothing and footwear stores in Italy are located.

5. Pitt Street Mall, Sydney

Over the past year, rents at Pitt Street Mall have increased by 25%, to 9,000 euros per year per meter. Here is the main shopping area of ​​Sydney with the famous Australian department stores David Jones, The Strand Arcade, Sky Garden.

4. New Bond Street, New York

On the street there are antique shops, expensive shops, jewelry boutiques. For rent per square meter you have to pay not less than 10 thousand euros per year.

3. Avenue des Champs-? Lys? Es, Paris

The Champs Elysees for the second year in a row closes the top three. For a rent meter on the main street of Paris, you have to pay 13,000 euros per year. And the price is quite up to the famous boutiques, expensive restaurants and entertainment centers.

2. Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

The square meter on this busy street costs 24,000 euros per year. There are youth bars, trendy night clubs, shopping centers of different directions.

1. Upper 5th Avenue, New York

You can rent a square meter on Fifth Avenue for 30 000 euros per year. Here are the most exclusive shops in Manhattan. The most expensive street in the world, the , is one of the few in the area that has never been used by trams in history.