Top-10 regions of Russia with the highest costs for housing and communal services

RIA Rating Agency, a member of the international media group "Russia Today", presented a study of expenditures on housing and communal services in different regions of Russia in 2014.

Places in the rating, consisting of 83 points, were distributed on the basis of the state and cost of servicing the complex of basic facilities supporting the vital activity of the population, the urbanization of the region and its geographical location. Due to the lack of data for 2014, the list does not include the Republic of Crimea and Sevastopol. According to the results of the survey, the last place in the share of housing and communal services in the structure of household expenses for the purchase of goods and services went to Chechnya( 4.3%).

We present to you the list of subjects of the Russian Federation with the highest costs for LCD .


  • 10. Smolensk Region
  • 9. The Amur Region
  • 8. The Ryazan Region
  • 7. The Murmansk Region
  • 6. The Vladimir Region
  • 5. The Komi Republic
  • 4. The Magadan Region
  • 3. The Kamchatka Region
  • 2. The Leningrad Region
  • 1Moscow region

10. Smolensk region

The share of costs for utility bills in consumer spending is 11.1%.The average family in the Smolensk region pays for electricity, gas and other benefits of civilization 2865 rub.

9. The Amur Region

Like the "neighbor" on the list, it has high rates for utility bills. Every month, residents in banks or post offices carry "payments" with an average amount of 4032 rubles. And 11.3% of

out of family expenses in favor of housing. 8. Ryazan Region

Here the share of housing and communal services in expenditures for goods and services is 11.5% per person( or 3088 rubles).

7. Murmansk region

According to experts from RIA Rating, in this subject of the Russian Federation payments for utilities amounted, on average, 5595 rubles.or 11.6% of the total consumer spending.

6. Vladimir region

Residents of the Vladimir region pay for heating, sewerage and other utilities less than those who live in the Murmansk region, namely 3220 rubles. At the same time, the share of expenditures in the housing and utilities sector is higher for the Vladimir residents( 11.9%).

5. The Republic of Komi

In this region, the cost of utility bills is 12%( 4628 rubles).With a further increase in tariffs, residents of regions where housing costs exceed 12% will have to reconsider the costs of clothing, food, entertainment, etc., to the greatest extent.

4. Magadan Region

The leader of last year this time was on the 4th place, however, the region's residents are unlikely to be disappointed. Here for "communal" pay 6399 rubles.or 12.5% ​​of consumer spending.

3. Kamchatka Krai

For housing and communal benefits, the residents of the region each month have to pay 7301 rubles. This is 12.6% of the consumer spending of one Kamchatka family.

2. Leningrad region

Slightly inferior to the leader by the share of housing services in the costs of citizens( 13.4% or 4244 rubles for the average family).At the same time, both the Northern Capital and Moscow are located at the bottom of the list( 70 and 78 seats respectively), but the areas adjacent to them are not so lucky.

1. The Moscow region

leads in the top 10 regions with the highest costs for utilities. In the capital, the average family spends 6082 rubles on housing and communal services.or 16% of the total amount of their consumer spending.