PAMM investing: choice of account, site, strategy. Reviews of traders

PAMM-account is a form of trust management in the Forex market where the investor's funds are actually in a personal account, but an experienced trader manages( deposits and conducts transactions) them. All this is not free. Managers set the amount of remuneration from twenty to fifty percent.


  • PAMM-Account Divorce or Profitability?
  • Investing in PAMM-accounts: how to choose a broker
    • How to choose a site for investing
    • How to choose an account for investing
    • The best PAMM-accounts of alpari, truthful responses of 2016
  • PAMM indices( Portfolios): choice, advantages
  • What is more profitable: Mutual Funds or PAMM
    • PIF or PAMM,
  • Comments How to open an investment PAMM-account
  • Investment strategies: conclusion
    • Scalping
    • Distributed input
    • Conclusion

PAMM-account divorce or profit opportunity?

Many people are opening the World Wide Web asking whether it is possible to earn money on PAMM-accounts and how? There are not only expert advice and feedback from beginners, but also the opinion that the PAMM-account is a divorce. Many investors lost their money when trying to make money. But a lot of those who are stable and for a long time successfully earns. Why does someone lose all their means, and someone gets a consistently high income?

The main reason for the loss - fraudsters or unscrupulous dealing centers. An important role is played by own negligence in the matter of choosing a PAMM-account. But as practice shows, excluding these two factors, earnings on the PAMM - a very real opportunity, the level of profit which significantly exceeds all the boldest hopes in other trading floors of the world.

Investing in PAMM-accounts: how to choose a broker

Investing in the PAMM-Forex is the best variant of trust management available today on the Internet.

Key benefits:

  • Control from anywhere in the world;
  • Complete package of information for decision making;
  • Freedom of choice. The investor decides who to entrust his funds to;
  • High profitability index. For example, investing in PAMM-accounts "Alpari" brings up to one hundred percent of the net profit from the invested money.

Investing is characterized by simplicity, significant diversification opportunities and low time costs. One of the best ways to determine the return on investment in the PAMM-accounts - 2016 reviews:

"For 2 weeks, the manager brought me $ 100, about $ 15 of passive income. I already invest not in several managers and larger amounts. "


" I will tell you how a person who has been trading in the company for more than 4 years, you can say grew Alpari before our eyes and continue to grow that can not but rejoice,broker number 1 in Russia and the CIS. ยป


How to choose a platform for investing

Profitability directly depends on the chosen brokerage company, as well as the site provided to them. One of the effective ways to choose a profitable and secure platform is to use the PAMM rating of the sites. The best companies will definitely be included in it.

Broker Rating:

  • 4th place: Pantheon Finance
    Has a good system. Easy to use. Perfect for beginners and professional investors. After the beta testing is scheduled to put into operation a more advanced system;
  • 3 place: Forex Trend
    A platform with a high level of profitability. The broker provides investment services from the very beginning of the birth of trust management in Russia;
  • 2nd place: FXOpen
    One of the oldest sites for investment. Characterized by the complexity of account management. It can be inconvenient for beginners;
  • 1 place: Alpari
    The oldest company in the financial services market. In addition to the PAMM, there are opportunities for investing in Forex and binary options. In "Alpari" PAMM-managers are characterized by a satisfactory level of profit and insignificant risk.

Depending on the experience of investing, you can pay attention to such components as ease of use( advantageous for beginners) and the average profitability rate working on the site managers.

Another no less important step is the choice of account.

How to choose an account for investment

How to choose a PAMM account for investing is a question that every investor confronting with the market opportunities asks itself. Accounts are assessed by two key criteria: the level of risk and profitability. The ratio of these criteria determines the success and profitability.

When selecting, you should weed out loss-making deposits( using a special filter).In the future it is necessary to adhere to the following indicators:

  • Age
    The longer the account manager operates, the higher the probability that the deposit will bring profit, and will not be merged. The minimum period is twelve months;
  • Value of investor and manager
    The more investors invest in a managing trader, the higher the level of trust in him;
  • Maximum drawdown level
    Allows you to effectively assess the likelihood of a complete loss of the deposit. If the manager has repeatedly approached the level of the margin, do not trust his own funds, his strategy is unreliable;
  • Level of the manager's own funds
    Indicates how much the trader believes in his strategy. The higher the equity, the higher the probability of a steady stream of profits;
  • Profitability
    Monthly profitability of at least 10-20 percent;
  • Loss Rate
    The maximum allowable loss amount is not more than five percent.

The choice may seem difficult at first, but if you analyze all the subtleties and factors that affect the level of its profitability, everything becomes extremely simple. Otherwise, you can use the PAMM rating of accounts from all sites.

Below is a selection of prospective accounts, a ready-made portfolio of the brokerage company Alpari.

PAMM account account number minimum deposit( RUR.) Yield( year.) risk Share( %)
Zapad 212928 500 44% 1.3% 50%
Moriarti 329842 500 187% 2.6% 40%
Workonly You can view the complete PAMM-Account Ratings of Alpari, the list of the ten most promising managers we have selected from hundreds of.

Best Alpari PAMM Accounts, The True Reviews of 2016

"The level of service is satisfactory, it is convenient that in Russia there are many offices of this broker. I invest in the PAMM, while there are no complaints. "


" I started investing in this broker before NG.I consider it the most reliable, since there is a license of the Federal Financial Markets Service, a certificate of the KROUFR.In general, this licensed company is in compliance with all Russian regulations. "


PAMM indices( Portfolios): choice, advantages

PAMM indices is an ideal opportunity for investors wishing to minimize risks of their investments. The PAMM principle of the indices is built on the key rules of diversification - accounts of managers with the most similar indicators of profitability and risk level are collected in a single portfolio.

For an example, an investor wants to save his funds, but get a small profit on them. To do this, PAMM selects the Alpari portfolio with the lowest risk level and drawdown. Such indices include managers with the most conservative approach to trading.

Benefits of such investment:

  • Minimum level of risk. Losses are practically impossible;
  • There is no need to waste time on the rankings, as well as the choice of the most profitable manager( at the required level of risk);
  • The minimum input threshold. You can even invest a hundred dollars in the PAMM index.

For a more complete understanding of the structure, as well as the capabilities of the PAMM index, consider the following example. Suppose, in creating the index, five accounts were used with the following level of profitability:

  • First - thirty percent;
  • The second - twenty percent;
  • Third - twenty percent;
  • Fourth - twenty percent;The fifth - ten percent.

If one or two managers show negative dynamics, then the other three will necessarily bring profit, covering the loss of two failed traders. Such an approach always brings profit.

To select the most successful PAMM indexes, use the portfolio rating.

What is more profitable: PIF or PAMM

The main PAMM difference from the PIF is the level of risk and, as a consequence, the profitability. For example, if you invest in a profitable Mutual Fund on a long-term basis, then the risk is virtually non-existent( in conditions of stable economic growth).The only risk of using Mutual Funds as investment tools is not the professionalism of the management company or the linking of the unit to a certain type of asset. For example, if the unit is tied to gold( the dynamics of quotations), in the event of a fall in the value of gold - the mutual fund investor will incur losses.

Compared with investing in Mutual Funds, investments in the PAMM account have high risks:

  • Lack of a strictly prescribed legislative framework;
  • Possibility of a full deposit discharge.

But together with the risk comes profitability. If you can earn up to thirty percent on mutual funds, then for PAMM-accounts this yield is of little interest. In the overwhelming number of cases, the level of profitability of sites ranges from 60 to 80 percent per annum. It is not uncommon for managers to bring the profitability of their transactions to 100 percent per annum.

If an investor views investments as an active tool for generating profit and capital multiplying, then invest in PAMM-accounts. If the goal is to preserve the capital, rather than increase it, you can invest in Mutual Funds. The choice is always for the investor. But before making a final decision, one should turn to those who are already successfully investing and making money.


reviews "Yield at PAMM is several times higher, if you invest in trusted managers you can earn very well. Just do not forget that this is not an instantaneous process. To create capital, invest in the PAMM for several years. Then you can live on interest. "


How to open an investment PAMM-account

Consider how to open a PAMM-account using the example of Alpari brokerage company. First you need to register on the official broker's website.

After registration is completed, follow the instructions on the broker's website. In case of questions, the online consultant can give the most complete and accurate answer in the 24/7 mode.

Investment Strategies:

Conclusion Investment strategies in the PAMM-account are the use of funds to obtain the highest possible level of profit or to reduce the increased level of risk. The most common strategies:


Scalping system can be successfully used not only for personal trading, but also for the PAMM market. The mechanism of the strategy is quite simple - wait for the drawdown and enter at the time of recovery. With a correctly calculated moment, the profitability indicator can reach 60 percent of the invested funds in a short period.

Distributed input

This strategy is an excellent way to minimize risks. To begin with, you select an account with a history of at least twelve months. It is checked whether the deposit manager had a drawdown in the past, and if so, to what level. It is possible that the best way is to split the funds into several different parts, and invest them after each new drawdown.


There is a huge number of algorithms for making a profit, but as practice shows, not all of them bring 100% profit, and some even worse - a loss. According to market professionals, the best way to secure yourself and get a high profit is to test the trading system as much as possible, and not just blindly follow the advice of numerous "gurus."