The most anticipated literary awards of 2016

The past year was declared the Year of Literature in Russia. And although the year 2016 is declared the year of Greece, the number of literary contests has not diminished. For those who want to take part or simply closely follow everything that happens in the cultural and literary life of the country, we publish a list of the most expected literary awards of 2016 .


  • Detective Without Borders
  • Plato Award
  • Big Book
  • Book of the Year
  • Strayed tramway
  • Solzhenitsyn Prize
  • Filatov Fest
  • Yasnaya Polyana
  • Illuminator
  • Bella
  • new children's book
  • National Bestseller
  • Award of the Alexander Nevsky
  • Russian Booker
  • The book
  • The nose
  • The Voloshinsky award
  • The award of Arkady Dragomoschenko
  • The debut of
  • The Andrey White award
  • The Grigoryevsky award
  • The Russian prizeI
  • Poet
  • Literary Prize named after Alexander Pyatigorskiy

Detective without borders

International literary contest for the best contemporary work in the genre "Detective".The main prize is 10 thousand dollars.

Acceptance of works: before September 10.

Site: http: //

Platonov Prize

For those who made a significant contribution to the culture of Russia( literary, theatrical, musical and visual).

Nomination of candidates: until February 13.

Great book

The award for a large prose work is 3 million rubles.

Acceptance of works: until February 29.

Book of the Year

The purpose of the award is to support domestic publishing. Winners - diplomas and prizes.

Acceptance of works: until February 29.

The astray tram

Everybody can take part in the poetic competition, except ex-winners. The prize fund is 60 thousand rubles.

Acceptance of works: before March 2.

Alexander Solzhenitsyn Award

Is issued for the help of Russia in self-knowledge, and costs 25 000 dollars.

Acceptance of works: before the first week of March.


Founded in memory of Leonid Filatov, actor and poet.

Acceptance of works: until February 23( poetry) and April 1( dramaturgy).

Yasnaya Polyana

Ageless classic can cost in the total amount of 7 million rubles.

Application for participation: before April 10.


Dedicated to popular scientific literature.

Acceptance of works: before May 15.


In memory of the love of the poetess Bella Akhmadulina to Italy and for young( under 35) poets. The first place - 140 thousand rubles.

Applications are accepted: before March 1.

New children's book

A chance for new children's writers to get love and recognition.

Acceptance of works: before April 1.

National bestseller

Trying to catch a rare fish called the "intellectual bestseller" in the Russian literature.

Nomination of candidates: from February 8 to June 4.

Alexander Nevsky Award

Award for books on historical subjects. The first place - 300 thousand rubles.

Acceptance of works: on June 12.

Russian Booker

Award for the best novel of the year. Prize - 1 500 000 rubles.

Nomination of candidates: from the beginning of March to the end of June.


Awarded outstanding works for children and teenagers. The first place - 500 thousand rubles.

Acceptance of works: before July 15


The aim of the award is to identify and support new trends in the literature. The prize is 700 thousand rubles.

Acceptance of works: from March 15 to July 31.

Voloshinskaya award

It is awarded on the poem festival of the same name in Crimea. The first prize in dollars - from 2 to 3 thousand.

Acceptance of works: from May 26 to August 1.

Prize Arcady Dragomoschenko

For poets who have not crossed the boundary of the 27th anniversary. The first place is 70 thousand rubles.

Nomination of candidates: until September.


For persons not older than 35 years, all genres are considered. The first place - 1 million rubles.

Acceptance of works: from June 5 to September 20

Andrew White award

Despite the ascetic award( apple, a bottle of vodka and one ruble), this is one of the most prestigious awards.

Nomination of candidates: from 1 January to 1 October.

Grigoryev Prize

Created in memory of the poet G. Grigoriev. The prize for the first place is 4 thousand dollars.

Acceptance of works: before October 1.

Russian award

Prize for prose, poetry and "preservation of Russian literature abroad."The first place in each nomination is 150 thousand rubles.

Works are accepted: until November 30.

The poet

The name makes it clear who exactly can get 1 500 000 rubles and a reward sign with a diploma.

Acceptance of applications: from January 1 to December 30.

Alexander Pyatigorsky Literary Prize

For philosophers able to express thoughts in both artistic and non-artistic form. The first place - 2 million rubles.

Acceptance of works: from October to December.