Top-12 rules, how not to make a mistake in choosing a binary option broker

Trading binary options for a long time and firmly won the attention of brokers and traders around the world. In general, it is a very convenient tool for obtaining additional profit, and very significant. But a lot in this kind of activity and scammers who collect money from trusting investors and disappear. How not to make a mistake in choosing a broker?


  • 1. Reputation, licenses
  • 2. Trading platform
  • 3. Minimum bet and deposit
  • 4. What percentage of payments( it's payout)
  • 5. Instrumentation
  • 6. Types of options
  • 7. Expiration time
  • 8. Enteringand withdrawal of money
  • 9. Bonuses
  • 10. Demo account
  • 11.
  • support service 12.

support analytics 1. Reputation,

licenses First you need to check if the applicant for your money has the appropriate license to engage in this type of activity. There are a sufficient number of instances that control this type of activity: CROF, KROUFR or CRFIN.Foreign brokers are subject to CySEC, FSA, CFTC, etc. But in addition to licenses there is also a reputation. About it you can judge by reliability rating of binary options, reviews and recommendations. But to obsessive-sugar or sharply negative reviews also need to be treated suspiciously. Reviews are often custom-made.

2. Trading platform

The presence of a trading platform with a lot of complex notations, flashing icons and skipping schedules, on which nothing to disassemble, still does not say anything. This can only be a diversion to the eyes of an investor who does not understand anything. The user should have a simple interface, the ability to quickly enter the transaction and also close it as quickly as necessary.

3. Minimum bet and deposit

In order not to make a mistake in choosing a broker, you need to pay close attention to the minimum bet that the trader must engage in the work. The deposit that participates in the concluded transaction, always depends on the minimum rate. If the option rate is 10 dollars, then the deposit should not be less than 200 dollars. If a trader makes big bets, then he works only in terms of luck, in fact, a clearly developed strategy he does not.

4. What percentage of payments( it's payout)

This value is quite easy to understand in general, how much income from transactions a trader will be able to get from this broker. In other words, a higher percentage of payments - the more profitable for investors as a result.

5. Toolkit

It is better to first check and make sure that the broker has all the necessary stock assets or tools that he needs to implement the strategy. Each investor, in essence, prefers his tactics and strategy. But the more broker instruments, the choice from which often affects the strategy as a whole, the better for the investor.

6. Types of options

Often it is not immediately wrong to choose a broker, because binary options are quite diverse. A classic option is to raise or lower an indicator. There are more complex species. If the investor considers himself sufficiently experienced, he can bet on, for example: the price will come out from the corridor determined by the broker or not, will touch the given level or not.

The main thing to remember is that there is always a risk. A broker is also a person, that is, of course, aspires to make a profit, plus he can make mistakes. Levels are calculated by them so in general, so that the probability of reaching them was not high.

7. Expiration time

Transactions on binary options are concluded for a very different time, up to a minute or an hour. But in the absence of sufficient experience, it is better to conclude larger time intervals in order of magnitude. In this case, it is easier to avoid instantaneous fluctuations caused by various causes. In order to predict the behavior of the asset selected for the transaction in a short period of time, one must have very much experience and knowledge. In general, when choosing expiration, it is better to proceed from the chosen strategy.

8. Deposit and Withdrawal of

A broker should not interfere with the entry of money or withdrawal at any time. The user must have all the possibilities for this. If the system of obtaining a deposit or profit is confused, if you are asked to wait, it is better to stay away from such a broker. At one not very fine point in time, you can not even see money.

9. Bonuses

Bonuses like everything, especially just like that. But brokers are not inclined to give gifts for "beautiful eyes".There must be some condition behind this. Investors may be required to make a certain number of transactions in a certain time. In an effort to get a penny bonus, the investor can lose all the money in the account by opening uncontrolled deals. Most often, brokers give bonuses to those who attracted a new client and not just one.

10. Demo account

Convenient option for training. Here you can endlessly open and close transactions, develop your strategy. After that, you can already start trading on this account. But it's also risky to sit on a demo account. There is no risk, as in real account situations, to lose money. Many start to open deals with greater risk. Then this risk can be transferred to real deals and burned instantly.


support service In essence, a good broker who cares about its traders and investors, necessarily has a support service in Skype, chat or over the phone. And help will be provided in the native language for the caller.

12. Auxiliary analytics

A good broker also provides users with up-to-date statistics, news, information that can influence markets at that particular moment.

Finally: do not try to conquer the whole world in one minute. Start with a small contribution, try and develop your strategy. If it turns out, the deposit amount can be increased, but also gradually, and not suddenly and immediately. And, of course, you need to pay attention to the reputation of the broker in the market, his behavior, attitude to investors. In this case, there is an opportunity to earn and on such an unusual case as binary options.