Best New Year Travel Destinations 2012

New Year is approaching, this holiday always causes joyful emotions both for children and for parents, who in their heart of hearts are still children. Meet the year 2012 can not only at home, but also in some unusual place, buying a New Year's tour. New Year's holidays are the best time for fabulous impressions, and in order not to spoil these impressions, get acquainted with the five best New Year's tourist destinations


  • 1. Lapland
  • 2. Czech Republic
  • 3. Ski destinations
  • 4. Hot tours
  • 5. Family New Year's trek

1. Lapland

The best place for New Year holidays can not be found! This fabulous name is the Finnish city - Rovaniemi. Nearby is the main attraction - the residence of Santa Claus. This is a huge amusement park, where tourists from all over the world flock every year. Children can read New Year's letters together with Santa Claus, and parents have a great time at one of the best ski resorts, especially since the prices here are very democratic.

2. Czech Republic

The second most popular tourist destination. Attractions of this country can not be counted, it's majestic mountains, ancient castles, clean air and healing mineral springs. The Czech Republic also has decent ski resorts in Karlovy Vary. But all this would be an unfinished picture, without local cuisine and great Czech beer.

3. Ski destinations

Austria, Switzerland, Canada, USA - these countries have ski resorts equipped with the latest technology, rental outlets have the best equipment, and experienced instructors will do everything to teach you how to use this equipment without harming your health. After the mountains you can go to the spa, and then relax in any of the many hotels presented.

4. Hot tours

The best resorts with a warm climate and gentle sea have long been Goa, Bali, Thailand and Egypt, and if you are already pretty tired of frost and snow, then safely go to these countries. The temperature of air and sea in winter in these countries, rarely falls below +20 degrees.

5. Family New Year campaign

This tradition has gone for a long time and you can see it in cartoons, fairy tales. Sometimes you can even hear stories about it, but even better, get together with the whole family and go to the edge of the forest, taking with them a few Christmas-tree toys and hot tea. It is necessary to find the most beautiful Christmas tree, decorate it with Christmas-tree toys and dance. And after, keep warm with hot tea and with a charged mood continue to celebrate the New Year 2012!