The most influential women in the world in 2015

Modern women increasingly occupy leading positions in politics and business, having a significant impact on geopolitical, economic and social processes.

Today in the rating, compiled from the Forbes edition, , the most influential women of the world in 2015 .In the full list of hundred names, among which one Russian woman - Elvira Nabiullina on the 71st line. We also offer, as usual, Top-10 leading positions. Heads the top ten Angela Merkel, who is the leader of the rating for the tenth consecutive year.

  • Contents:
    • 10. Michel Obama
    • 9. Susan Wojcicki
    • 8. Cheryl Sandberg
    • 7. Dilma Rousseff
    • 6. Kristin Lagarde
    • 5. Mary Barra
    • 4. Janet Yellen
    • 3. Melinda Gates
    • 2. Hilary Clinton
    • 1Angela Merkel

10. Michelle Obama

At one time Michelle was the boss of her husband Barak - the current US president. Today, the First Lady is actively engaged in social issues, drawing attention to the quality of life of women, in particular, in the countries of South-East Asia.

9. Susan Wojicki

Coming from Google, Susan is the president of YouTube. The company is estimated at $ 20 billion, and the popularity of video hosting, of course, contributes to the growth of the influence of Vojchicki, which actively advocated its acquisition by Google.

8. Cheryl Sandberg

Facebook's operating director last year published a bestseller "Do not be afraid to act."Sony Pictures Company plans to shoot a film based on the book Sandberg. Cheryl plans to leave half of his fortune for charitable purposes.

7. Dilma Rousseff

Dilma was elected to the post of the head of Brazil for the second time in a row. It is at the helm of the largest Latin American economy since 2010.Recently, the popularity of Dilma among the population is falling, which is due to the decline of the Brazilian economy in the last 2 years.

6. Kristin Lagarde

Lagarde manages the finances of 188 countries. Just so many countries are participants of the International Monetary Fund. Also in the track record Lagarde six-year term as the Minister of Finance of France.

5. Mary Barra

Barra is the first woman to head the auto giant GM.For the automotive industry - this is an unprecedented example. Mary demonstrated the ability to make difficult decisions, as well as take responsibility. So, it was she who decided on leaving from the markets that are not profitable for the group - Russia, Australia and Indonesia.

4. Janet Yellen

In February 2014, Janet replaced Ben Bernanke as chairman of the US Federal Reserve System. Current powers of Yellen end in 2018 and may well be extended for a new term.

3. Melinda Gates

Spouses Gates - unconditional leaders in the field of charity. They invest their multi-billion dollar fortune in health care and education, and support for innovation. Melinda pays special attention to the rights of women.

2. Hilary Clinton

The former first lady of the United States is one of the candidates for the election of the American president, which will take place next year. Hilary is 67 years old, and she has an important experience as a wife of the president, as well as the US Secretary of State.

1. Angela Merkel

Merkel, sixty years old, has been in power for 16 years, which is an unprecedented period for a woman in politics. The most influential woman in the world can lose first place in the ranking only if in the United States next year, Hillary Clinton comes to power, she has no other competitors in the struggle for leadership in the Forbes list.