The rating of hypermarkets at the cost of New Year's purchases

New Year is already very close. In order not to spoil the holiday in the shops on the very last day, smart people take care of buying everything you need in advance. A smart and prudent yet and ahead of time choose a store with the most pleasant prices. As a rule, cheaper products in large hypermarkets, plus a few weeks before the holidays in them a variety of events are held, delighting visitors with discounts on the New Year's range of goods.

How much is the average New Year's basket and where is the most profitable to buy? Answers to this question will give a new rating of hypermarkets , compiled by specialists of the Internet project "".

New Year's set includes:

  • Spruce artificial and decorations for it( to create an atmosphere);
  • products for the preparation of a festive dinner( green peas, sausages, beef, poultry, fresh vegetables, corn);
  • cutting( sausage, cheese);
  • fruits( tangerines, grapes);
  • delicacy( red caviar);
  • sweet( Raffaello sweets and candy set for children);
  • drinks( champagne brut, champagne semi-dry and martini bianco);
  • fruit juice.

We remind that earlier we published the ideas of the best gifts for the New 2016 year.

Table of contents:

  • Rating of hypermarkets at the cost of the New Year's food basket
    • 5. Okay
    • 4. Tape
    • 3. Magnet
    • 2. Auchan
    • 1. Carousel

Rating of hypermarkets at the cost of the New Year's food basket

5. Okay

The cost of the New Year's basket: 4018.31 rubles.

The first "Okay" hypermarket was opened in 2002 in St. Petersburg, and in 2015 the company already has over one hundred stores in the largest cities of Russia. The retail chain was a bit spoiled by the roof of one of the company's hypermarkets that collapsed in 2011, but apparently this did not have any effect on sales."Okey" was on the last place of the rating because of expensive sausage, but corn and apple juice there are the cheapest.

4. Tape

The cost of the New Year's basket: 3871.44 rubles.

The fourth place in the rating is another St. Petersburg company, "Lenta";in its trading network includes 150 stores throughout Russia. Alas, marketers from the "Lenta" were late with the New Year's shares - none of the goods from the list did not differ cheap. And mandarins in general are the most expensive in comparison with other hypermarkets.

3. The magnet

The cost of the New Year's basket: 3560.1 rubles.

One of the largest chains of grocery stores in Russia has more than three hundred hypermarkets in the territory of the Russian Federation, and in 2015, Magnit was ranked 23rd in the ranking of the world's most innovative companies by Forbes. Alas, all this innovation did not prevent the "Magnet" sad to become famous for the case with the old woman-blockade Rauza Galimova. She was accused of stealing three packets of oil, as a result, Galimova died of a heart attack.

2. Auchan

The cost of the New Year's basket: 3538.91 rubles.

The first and only foreign company in the New Year's top 5 hypermarkets."Auchan" has 81 hypermarkets in Russia, famous for its low prices, as well as the fact that they love to artificially increase the shelf life of meat products and use overdue products when making specialties. Forewarned is forearmed.

1. Carousel

The cost of the New Year's basket: 3423.68 rubles.

"Carousel" - the brainchild of the company, which owns the retail chains Pyaterochka and Perekrestok. Now in Russia there are 85 hypermarkets of this company. The first place in this rating is the result of the good work of the "Carousel" marketing department, which prepared perfectly for the holiday by making a discount on the goods from the New Year's set. Seven positions are the cheapest among all hypermarkets. However, it is worth noting that the choice of goods did not take into account the quality and appearance. Therefore, it is possible, artificial spruce in the "Carousel" for 199 rubles will give way to an analogue of "Okay" worth 599 rubles.