Top 10 richest presidential candidates in the United States( Forbes)

US presidential candidates must prove to voters that they understand the problems and worries facing ordinary people. But if you look at the report on their income, it becomes clear that many aspirants for the presidency of the United States in 2016 lead a way of life that most Americans never dreamed of.

We present to you 10 richest presidential candidates for according to Forbes magazine.


  • 10. Jim Gilmore, $ 7 million
  • 9. Mike Huckabee, $ 9 million
  • 8. John Casey, $ 10 million
  • 7. George Pataki, $ 13 million
  • 6. Jeb Bush, $ 22 million
  • 5Ben Carson, $ 26 million
  • 4. Lincoln Chafee, $ 32 million
  • 3. Hillary Clinton, $ 45 million
  • 2. Carly Fiorina, $ 58 million
  • 1. Donald Trump, $ 4.5 billion

10. Jim Gilmore, 7million dollars

Republican and ex-governor of Virginia - one of the few politicians who made their way to the rich from the common people. His father was a butcher, and his mother worked as a secretary. In his youth, Jim Gilmore served in the US Counterintelligence Service, and now is the president and CEO of the Free Congress Foundation research center.

9. Mike Huckabee, $ 9 million

The former governor of Arkansas, after retiring from office, does not interrupt from a sandwich to a cola. This presidential candidate from the Republican Party often appears on television( of course, not free) and receives income from a seasonal lease in Florida, where Hukabi bought three luxury homes.

8. John Casey, $ 10 million

Some of his money, the current Ohio Governor and the Republican presidential candidate from the Republicans earned him the post of Managing Director in one of the branches of Lehman Brothers Bank. He also hosted the show Heartland with John Kasich on Fox News, which ended in 2007.

7. George Pataki, $ 13 million

A Republican lawyer and politician served three terms as governor of New York( from 1995 to 2006).One of the richest contenders for the post 45 of the president of the United States of America. Work as a consultant at Chadbourne & Parke brings Pataki a million "evergreen" every year. He is also the founder and president of the construction company Pataki-Cahill Group.

6. Jeb Bush, $ 22 million

Former Florida governor and member of the Republican Party was at one time a paid consultant to Lehman Brothers, an investment bank that went "to the bottom" during the 2008 financial crisis. In addition, the younger brother of George Bush became the founder of the investment company Britton Hill Holdings LLC, which offers services in the fields of energy, logistics, ecology, oil and gas.

5. Ben Carson, $ 26 million

Republican candidate, former neurosurgeon, and one of the few non-politicians in the ranking of the wealthiest presidential candidates. He received part of his fortune from paid performances and the sale of an autobiography, on which the television series was shot.

4. Lincoln Chafee, $ 32 million

Nowadays the Democrat, and earlier the Republican Chafee, most of the fortune passed by heredity. His father John Chafee was Minister of the Navy under Nixon and served as senator. Lincoln himself also visited the US Senate and the Governor of Rhode Island. He was the only Republican senator who voted against permission for a military operation in Iraq.

3. Hillary Clinton, $ 45 million

Tops the top 3 richest presidential candidates for the US in 2016.In 2014, Mrs. Clinton gave 51 public appearances, receiving $ 235,000 per speech. This is eight times the average annual salary in the United States.

2. Carli Fiorina, $ 58 million

Former CEO of Hewlett-Packard has accumulated a huge fortune during his time in the business world - although not quite in Trump-like proportions. However, the popularity of a single woman from Republican presidential candidates is much less than her condition. During her stay at the head of HP, Fiorina sacked many employees, brought down the company's shares by 50% and managed to resign herself, without waiting until she was "asked to leave."

1. Donald Trump, $ 4.5 billion

The developer, television star and Republican candidate is the richest presidential candidate in the United States. The businessman's income is constantly changing due to his numerous business relationships and buying and selling real estate. Whether Trumpu will be able to confirm his laudatory saying "I will be the best president ever created by God" will show the time.