Rating of the best books of 2015, bestsellers

There was a time when Russia was called one of the most reading countries. What exactly do the residents of the Russian Federation read, what books they like and buy? Answering this question, RBC experts studied the statistics of sales of the country's largest publishing houses. As a result, was selected as the best book of the year 2015 by , the rating of readers provided them with a hit in the best bestsellers of this year.


  • 10. Donna Tartt, "Goldfinch"
  • 9. James Dashner, "Running in a maze"
  • 8. Harper Lee, "Kill a mockingbird"
  • 7. George Orwell, "1984"
  • 6. Jojo Moyes,meeting with you »
  • 5. Dmitry Glukhovsky,« Metro 2035 »
  • 4. John Greene," The Stars are Guilty "
  • 3. Andy Veyer," The Martian "
  • 2. Gregory David Roberts, Shantaram
  • 1. Boris Akunin,"Planet Water »

10. Donna Tartt," Goldfinch "

Sold 65,285 books

For the best book in 2014, Tartt won the Pulitzer Prize. The story of a thirteen-year-old begins in tragic circumstances - because of the explosion in the New York Museum of Art, his mother is dying, and he himself, in shock, grabs a picture of one of Rembrandt's students from the wall and runs out of the building. Traditional "novel about education" in new conditions, where crime and devotion to art are neighbors.

9. James Dashner, "Running in the labyrinth"

69 483 books

One of the representatives of the popular "they" direction young adult - novelties of books 2015 for the youth audience. Imagine a constantly changing labyrinth, where monsters live in the darkness, and in its center is a valley surrounded by high walls, where teenagers awaken and live. Interesting? That's just it.

8. Harper Lee, "Kill a Mockingbird"

74 142 books

Forever beautiful and eternally young classics, which everyone must read. Perhaps a surge in popularity was prompted by the news of the discovery of the second best-selling book of 2015 "Go, Put a Watchman", released in the middle of the year.

7. George Orwell, "1984"

85 000 books

A gloomy anti-utopia about the totalitarian future, where poverty abounds with hypocrisy, and for ideas you can put in jail.

6. Jojo Moyes, "See you"

87,913 books

Having lost her job in a cafe, Louise is looking for new means of livelihood - because the whole family depends on her earning ability. After applying to the local employment center, she is offered to take care of a completely paralyzed person. .. The story of finding yourself with a romantic touch.

5. Dmitry Glukhovsky, "Metro 2035"

97 459 books

Continuation of "Metro 2033" and "Metro 2034"( it is possible to say with certainty what will be called the fourth book).A gloomy story about the Moscow subway that became inhabited after the nuclear war, where the surviving humanity sheltered. Muscovites can already now look to themselves a cozy corner.

4. John Green, "Blame the Stars"

103 321 books

This popular book broke the record of sales in America in 2012 and already in 2014 appeared on the screen. A touching story about cancer-affected young people who found each other on the verge of death. Incidentally, there is a spinning misanthrope writer who, on the background of death and childish feelings, realizes and repents.

3. Andy Veyer, "Martian"

107,000 books

A mixture of good old science fiction and survival literature - now anyone caught in a sandstorm on Mars will know what to do. Perhaps the impact on the sales was recently released by the same name blockbuster Ridley Scott.

2. Gregory David Roberts, Shantaram

118,445 books

The writer lived a long and turbulent life: he was a heroin addict, robbed banks, threatening with a toy gun, was caught, got 19 years in prison, escaped two years later and flew to India, where he lived for ten years. He contacted the criminal world, was a drug dealer, was again caught and served six years. In the end, he returned to India, where he became president of the charitable foundation."Shantaram" is an autobiographical work, partly written during the author's stay in the Australian prison. Although the best book appeared five years ago, it continues to enjoy steady popularity on the Russian market.

1. Boris Akunin, "Planet Water"

168,000 books

Heads the readership rating of books of 2015.56-year-old, but still peppy Erast Petrovich Fandorin descends to the bottom of the sea, looking for a maniac on the tropical islands of the Atlantic, wanders around the province of Zavolzhye, and investigates the robbery of the train against the background of the ghost of communism walking across Europe. Fantasy about Russia-which-we-have lost still enjoys people's love.