Rating of the best forex traders in Russia

With the help of the game on exchange rates it is possible to put together a rather big state. Successful strategy, perseverance, and an unshakable belief in yourself help to achieve incredible heights in the art of exchange trading.

Today we present the Top-5, which included the best traders of Russia 2015, which showed the best results in the Forex market. Perhaps, the example of these outstanding traders will encourage someone to start their career on the currency exchange and make sure that the PAMM-account is not a sucker divorce for money.


5. Alexey Martyanov

  • 4. Roman Vishnevsky
  • 3. Eric Naiman
  • 2. Alexander Elder
  • 1. Alexander Rezvyakov
  • 5. Alexei Martyanov

    Alexey's personal record is a daily income on the exchange in the amount of $ 30,000. Martyanov is atrader of the company "United Traders", he is also widely known for his hooligan blog and a special trading philosophy.

    Bidding Martyanov leads from anywhere in the world, with his own example proving the opportunity to earn and lay on the beach, with access to the trading platform through high-speed Internet.

    4. Roman Vishnevsky

    Roman began his career as a trader in 2007.And already in 2009, he earned his first million dollar exchange and founded jointly with partners United Traders, which manages about $ 30 million.

    Record for Roman Daily Revenue Rate at the auction - $ 198,713, and a record break-even series of trades was 33 months.

    3. Eric Naiman

    Naiman was born in Kazakhstan, but for many years he lived in Russia. One of the best Forex traders is the author of a number of books on stock exchange trading, analysis, risk management and investments.

    Today Eric is cooperating with several large forex trading platforms, financial companies as an investment advisor.

    2. Alexander Elder

    Elder was born in Leningrad, but today he lives and works in the USA.Leading financial institutions are consulting for Alexander, and his book "Trading for a Living" has been translated into 12 languages ​​and is now a success for traders around the world.

    On the way to the top of the rating, Elder experienced incredible ups and downs, developing his own strategy, which formed the basis for the best Forex advisers.

    1. Alexander Rezvyakov

    The tops the rating of the Forex traders trader who started with the usual exchange trading courses. The initial goal of the newcomer was a stable increase in investment by 2-3% per month. Picking the right strategy, "feeling" the rules of the market, in 2007, Alexander managed to increase the balance of the trading account by 1426%.

    Today Rezvyakov deals with stock futures, and also conducts author's courses for everyone who wants to start earning on Forex.