Top 10 best gifts for men on February 23

February 23, many men can call not only the Day of Defender of the Fatherland, but also the day of "shaving accessories and socks."To save you from the pain of choice, and your man - from frustration, we made a rating of useful and original gifts for February 23 .


  • 10. Multitool
  • 9. Fitness tracker
  • 8. Smartphone
  • 7. USB flash drive
  • 6. Relaxing massage
  • 5. Mug with Star Wars heroes
  • 4. Black leather belt
  • 3. Classic highboots warmed with fur
  • 2.
  • vest 1.

whisk bottle 10. Multi-purpose

This multifunction tool is a great thing, replacing a man with a whole set of tools such as a screwdriver, pliers, side cutters, knife, etc. Need to clean the contacts or pull a nail from the board? No problems. Need to open the bottle, and the corkscrew is not at hand? For this, there is a multitool. Despite the compact size, the multitools can hold up to 30 instruments. A small multitool can be carried in your pocket, you can store a multi-unit in the glove compartment of the car or in a bag. An indispensable thing for cyclists, motorists, hikers and hikes for nature, as well as for "techies."

9. Fitness tracker

A good choice for active guys. Now the athlete will be able to monitor the heart rate during training, the distance traveled and the amount of calories consumed, monitor how long and how well he slept. And he will receive information about text messages and calls without interrupting the training.

8. Smartphone

Even a stern-looking man - in the shower child. He wants to show off to his friends something new, but with age, the place of machines and soldiers are occupied by expensive gadgets. And if a loved one has long looked with envy at the owners of brand new smartphones, please him, buy one of the best Chinese smartphones in 2017.And the price does not bite, as in the case of the newest "iPhone" and to colleagues it is not ashamed to boast.

7. Flash drive in the form of a pistol

USB-drive is useful to everyone - and a classic office worker and student and even an elderly person who is not alien to computer technology. And such an accessory in the form of a gun looks unusual and will remind you that February 23 is a truly male holiday.

6. Relaxing massage

This is the best gift for February 23, which you can make by yourself and which is just priceless in a cold winter evening. Only you and he, pleasantly smelling massage oil, quiet music, smooth movements of hands. .. Down with stress and anxiety, let your loved one relax and how to relax under your sensitive guidance. After all, he, if anything, defend his homeland, and suddenly he is tired?

5. Mug with Star Wars characters

There are a lot of Star Wars fans. And if your husband, son or relative adores the heroes of this franchise, you will certainly appreciate a mug in the form of a helmet of Darth Vader, Boba Fett, an imperial attack aircraft or R2-D2.They cost about 1000 rubles in Russian online stores. According to some reviews, these mugs have not very convenient removable covers( they are easy to move and break), so be careful.

As a supplement: a true admirer of Darth Vader can be bundled with a mug to present the Gillette Proshield Star Wars: Rogue One. This is the most advanced machine Gillette ever created. He uses the technology found inside the Jedi's light sword to achieve the smoothest and cleanest shaving possible in this universe. You can buy on the Internet site Amazon.

4. Black leather belt

Black leather, silver or golden buckle, the name of the designer. A classic that will never go out of fashion and will always be useful, while men wear pants.

3. Classic high boots, warmed with fur

A practical and useful gift( provided that you know exactly the size of your leg), which will keep your feet warm during the winter. The sole should be rubber( the polyurethane glides hard and quickly "stains") and have good grip on the road so that the man does not slip during the ice. Shoes from leatherette - a good budget option, which has only one drawback: the legs "do not breathe" and sweat. A more "advanced" option is a breathable artificial eco-leather. And the most expensive, but also durable and nice for the legs version - natural leather( pork, veal, cow or bovine).Shoes from suede or suede should not be taken if a man walks a lot. Otherwise, the gift will quickly lose its beautiful appearance.

2. Vest

The second number of our gift parade on the day of the Defender of the Fatherland of 2017 is a variant suitable for solid, mature men. Vests look very stylish in combination with a sweater or flannel shirt with buttons. They also suitably look under a heavy long coat. A great option is a vest from the famous and respected brand Scotch &Soda.

1. Bottle of whiskey

A popular strong drink of one of the legendary brands such as Jack Daniels, Johnnie Walker, Jim Beam, Jameson, Chivas Regal and others will be appreciated by the addressee( except when a man is a convinced teetotaler or a peanut. A perfect gift for a chef, friend or relative.