Top-10: the best fire cocktails.

We all love spectacles and thrills. To this I would like to include the preparation and use of burning alcoholic cocktails. The action itself is very fascinating and brings to wild delight, although it largely depends on the skill of the bartender. I represent the top 10 best cocktails, in preparation of which one can not do without fire.


  • 10. Fiery cold
  • 9. Burning huntsman
  • 8. Cherry nipples
  • 7. Zone 51
  • 6. Fiery chariot
  • 5. Green 52
  • 4. Bomb
  • 3. B-52
  • 2. Sambuca
  • 1.Absinthe

10. Fiery cold

- Limoncello 20 ml
- Liqueur Egermaister 20ml
- Gin 10 ml
Pour the ingredients in a stack in layers in the order shown, beginning with limoncello. Gin ignite. Drink through a straw.

9. Burning Huntsman

- Liquor Egermeister 40 ml
- Beer dark 300 ml
How to prepare:
Pour the liqueur into a pile and set it on fire. Separately fill the beer with a mug, put a pile of burning liqueur in a mug of beer. The amount of beer should be 1 cm more than the height of the glass. To drink in one gulp.

8. Cherry nipples

- Baileys liquor 20 ml
- Sambuca liqueur 20 ml
Method of preparation
Pour Baileys into the pile, top gently add Sambuca and set it on fire. Drink in a salvo or through a straw.

7. Zone 51

- Liquor Midori 25 ml
- Liquor Egermaister 25 ml
- Rum light 10 ml
Pour the liqueur Midori in the pile, add Egermeister and rum carefully on top. Burn the drink and serve.

6. Fiery chariot

- Vodka 25 ml
- Sambuca liqueur 25 ml
Pour into the sambuca in a pile and add vodka carefully from the top so that the layers do not mix. Burn the drink, extinguish it and immediately drink it.

5. Green 52

- Baileys liquor 15ml
- Kaloua liqueur 15 ml
- Absinth 15 ml
Pour into the pile carefully the layers of liqueurs and absinthe. Then set fire to the drink and drink it through a straw. You can also blow out the fire and quickly drink a cocktail.

4. Bomb

- Beer light( 150 ml.);
- Tequila "Camino Real"( 25 ml.);
- Blue Curacao syrup( 5 ml.);
- Liqueur "Strawberry"( 5 ml.);
- Liqueur "Cointreau"( 5 ml.);
Light beer is poured into a glass. In a glass pour tequila, then, neatly, using forceps put it in a glass with beer. On the walls in the glass pour the syrup "Blue Curacao" and the liqueurs "Strawberry" and "Cointreau".Drink the cocktail in one gulp.
According to another version, instead of tequila in a glass poured syrup "Blue Curacao", set on fire and tipped into a glass with beer( pre-filled with liquors in the glass).There instantly everything starts to explode - all this looks very fascinating! At this point you need to drink everything in one gulp.

3. B-52

- Coffee liqueur Kahl? A 20 ml
- Beiliss 20 ml
- Orange liqueur Cointreau 20 ml
Pour into the pile of coffee liquor 20 ml. Using a cocktail spoon, lay a layer of 20 ml ayrish krim and a layer of orange liqueur 20 ml. Burn, arm yourself with tubes and treat!

2. Sambuca

- Sambuca 25 or 50 ml
- Coffee grains 3-4 pcs
Take two glasses, pour one liquor into one, set on fire and pour into another glass, or turn the glass around its own axis - in order tothe glass did not burst. Then the first glass is turned over and put on a saucer. Between the saucer and a glass should be a paper napkin, in it is inserted a plastic tube. Drink is drunk, and then inhale the pairs of sambuks in the first glass through the tube. Coffee beans gnaw.

1. Absinthe

- Absinthe 50-100 ml( depending on the courage of the drinker)
- Refined sugar 1 piece
Four pieces of ice absinthe pour into a glass. Fire it. Put a piece of sugar on an absinthe stomach and keep it above the flame. The sugar will begin to melt and drip into the glass, crystallizing on its bottom. When the number of round brown crystals fill the remaining fifth of the glass, remove the spoon with sugar. Prepare a cocktail. Blow up the flame and immediately, dropping a tube into the glass, not stopping, with a few quick big sips to drink through it all the liquid contents of the glass, necessarily skipping it throughout the language, in order to get a deeper taste of the taste. If everything is done quickly and correctly, the abrupt transition from the scorching ice absinthe to the unbearably hot on the surface, accompanied by a pleasant sweetish flavor, will become one of the most unforgettable sensations that you will want to experience again and again.