The best online cinema IVI will release its own content

The well-known media company, which previously dealt exclusively with the demonstration of streaming video, is going to expand its field of activity and start producing its own video content.

The first creation of a team of talented multipliers, designed for an audience aged 4-6 years, will be released in the spring of this year.

Work on the animated series " 10 friends of the Rabbit ", was conducted for several years together with the Moscow studio "AA Studio", the popular transmission of "Good Night, Kids" and the media company "Klass".

The scene is an international camp in the Russian Federation, where animals from all over the world came to rest. Each of the small inhabitants of the camp has a different character and hobby, but this did not stop them from quickly becoming friends and turning into a real family. In it there was a place for a loving sport and acrobatics of a hare, inventors of a fox and a crocodile, and also for a kangaroo, who simply loves to grow plants and flowers. Life in the camp flows cheerfully and carefree under the guidance of the director Mihalych and experienced counselors Kolya and Bori, and the protagonist of the cartoon, the hare Zai simply can not do without cheerful and exciting adventures.

He and his friends will delight the small audience for 90 five-minute series, which can be viewed in the program "Good Night, Kids" or in the best online cinema on the portal

To work on the project, a lot of talented people were involved - in particular, specialists who took part in the creation of the animated cartoons "Tank Engine," "Well, wait!", "How to Train Your Dragon," "The Kids Grew Up," and many others. The main characters of the series "speak" with the voices of famous domestic film actors Nikita Prozorov, Anastasia Lapina, Anna Shtukaturova. According to the famous Russian cinema portal, the total amount of investments invested in the project amounted to 45 million dollars, and its authors hope to recoup all costs in just a few years.

Founder Oleg Tumanov said that for his team it was a great honor to work with the most famous domestic animators and animators. The entrepreneur noted that he is a fan of "Good night, kids" from an early age, and now he hopes that the story of Rabbit and his friends will be enjoyed not only by children, but also by their parents.