Top 10 best beaches for a bachelor vacation.

What could be more seductive than the sea, sun, golden sand and bronze tan on the body of a beautiful stranger? A hardened bachelor must know where the beautiful strangers in a bikini spend the summer.

And our today's Top 10 best beaches for a bachelor's holiday is the best guide to those reserved places that every real man should visit.


  • 10. Pattaya, Thailand.
  • 9. Tel Aviv, Israel.
  • 8. Visby( Visby), Sweden.
  • 7. South Beach( South Beach), USA.
  • 6. Rhodes Island( Rhodes Island), Greece.
  • 5. Ipanema, Brazil.
  • 4. Cancun( Cancun), Mexico.
  • 3. Margarita Island, Venezuela.
  • 2. Punta del Este, Uruguay.
  • 1. Bondi Beach, Australia.

10. Pattaya, Thailand.

Hundreds of bachelors who have visited Thailand unanimously assert that the girls there are not only exotic beautiful, but also very feminine, caring and welcoming to tourists. Exciting adventures in Pattaya do not interfere with the language barrier, nor cultural differences. And can you boast of rest on the beaches of Pattaya, if you have not experienced all the delights of the famous Thai massage?

9. Tel Aviv, Israel.

Traditionally, Israeli beaches fall out of sight of those who seek entertainment. Meanwhile, it is the beaches of Tel Aviv that bear the proud title of "Miami of the Middle East".After sunset, life here is really boiling.

8. Visby( Visby), Sweden.

In a small town on the seashore rest politicians and show business stars, tired of the bustle. But the real fun begins during the "Stockholm week", held annually in mid-July. The city plunges into an endless party with incendiary club dances and champagne rivers.

7. South Beach( South Beach), USA.

It is here that the reckless nightlife of Florida is especially bright. At the party, you can meet even with bored "stars" of American show business.

6. Rhodes Island( Rhodes Island), Greece.

Rhodes immediately brings together associations with beautiful ancient goddesses. And local bachelors know for sure that modern Venus sometimes comes out of the sea foam, often topless.

5. Ipanema, Brazil.

A real bachelor's paradise: dozens of slender girls, covered with an even bronze tan. Brazilian passions will be warmed for a whole year before the next holiday.

4. Cancun( Cancun), Mexico.

On the hot beach of a Mexican resort, it's easy to get acquainted with cheerful reckless girls. And in such a pleasant company, you can pay attention to the many attractions that Cancun inherited from the ancient Maya.

3. Margarita Island, Venezuela.

The hot Caribbean climate of Margarita Island ignites immediately upon arrival. Here an international company gathers, and beautiful girls from all corners of the Earth, who have chosen local luxury beaches, pleasantly pleasing to the eye.

2. Punta del Este, Uruguay.

Representatives of Latin American show business, hot southern stars and simply glamorous beauties gather here. Active nightlife and many entertainment establishments make a bachelor stay truly unforgettable.

1. Bondi Beach, Australia.

Beautiful girls flock here to admire the ocean coast and cheer for desperate surfers who conquer mighty waves. Near the beach around the clock working numerous cafes, restaurants and clubs.