Top 10 most unusual websites

On the vast expanses of the Internet there are sometimes sites that strike with their originality. Some pages are distinguished by design, others - an unusual supply of material, others - a special idea, a certain highlight.
In the current compilation we have collected Top-10 most unusual Internet sites .Perhaps visiting these pages will give you pleasure and distract from the gray routine.


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Original service based on Google Maps allows you to mark places on the map, in which you made love. Each label can be supplemented with text and even pictures. To date, on the map of the world, visitors to the resource are marked with more than 287 thousand tags.


This definitely very unusual site suggests exactly how many people are in space at the moment. The page reflects only the number of astronauts, as well as their names and the number of days spent in orbit.


It was easy to cross a bulldog with a rhinoceros. Like a zebra with a penguin or a chicken with a butterfly. Quite strange fantasies of the authors of the project can make a disastrous impression on vulnerable and mentally unstable visitors. In general, you should not look nervous.


The page is a virtual kaleidoscope. You do not need to rotate anything, blink one eye - just watch the movement of color fragments on the screen. That's just the speed of changing the picture, perhaps a little higher than comfortable for the eye.


The name of this site is translated literally: the first website on the World Wide Web where nothing happens. And the name accurately reflects the essence of the page. There will be no updates, news, communication. .. There will be nothing at all except a laconic appeal "Have a brake" - "Take a break"!


If everything falls out of hand, things do not go well, with the flags coming up at work, and from the rear - depression - to you here! On the site visitors waiting for the magic button "Do it all right."The process of "doing" takes a few seconds, after which the confirmation "Everything is done well" is displayed on the screen.


You can share the positive not only in real life, but also in virtual. For this purpose this unusual site is intended. By clicking on the "Button of Goodness", you can wish for something good to everyone. Also on the site there is an online store of all sorts of trivia with positive inscriptions.


All of us, sooner or later, still think about the meaning of life. But it is far from easy to find the notorious meaning. Help to take the authors of an unusual project life-sense. Each time, updating the page, the user sees one of the eight hundred utterances designed to facilitate the search for a vital meaning.


This project was developed by the British manufacturer of windows and doors Safestyle. The visitor of the page is offered to open the secret door. And what is behind it? Yes, anything: thermal springs in Japan, a sports bar in Vancouver, a Turkish hammam and hundreds of other places. It is impossible to predict the result in advance.


The first in the World Wide Web social alarm clock offers an unusual service for those who already hated to listen in the morning squeaking a standard alarm clock. Strangers are awakening strangers. One anonymous user calls the second to wake up at the appointed time. The first one is called a "Buddhist", the second is called "Sonia".More than one million users have joined the project.