The best remedies for mosquitoes in the apartment and in nature

Many people buy repellents in the store to get rid of mosquitoes, but they often contain toxic substances that can cause allergic reactions.

We present to you the best remedies for mosquitoes , the most effective means to help keep mosquitoes away.



  • oil 7.
  • lavender oil 5.
  • lavender oil 4.
  • shish kebab rosemary 4.
  • garlic 3.
  • oil 2. Eucalyptus and lemon oils
  • 1. Tea tree oil
  • 7. Citronella oil

    Citronella essential oilis one of the most effective repellents. Has a strong odor, reminiscent of leotard or lemon. All you need to do to protect against mosquitoes is to refill the aroma lamp, add it to the aromatic candle, or apply a few drops of oil to your clothes.

    6. Lavender oil

    The smell of lavender is pleasant for many people, and mosquitoes hate it. To keep mosquitoes away, add a couple drops of lavender to your hand cream, or apply on a cotton ball and put it near the open window and near the bed. To enhance the "anti-mosquito" effect, you can mix 30 drops of geranium and lavender oil in a small bottle with a sprayer filled with distilled water and take the bottle with you to the nature.

    5. Rosemary for shish kebab

    Mosquitoes can spoil the impression of shish kebabs in the country, but there is an easy way to make meat more fragrant, and at the same time and get rid of winged bloodsuckers. Throw a few stems of rosemary on hot coals, they will emit an odor that the mosquitoes will not like.

    4. Garlic

    A dual-action remedy: repels both mosquitoes and unwanted interlocutors. True, a romantic date can interfere. Therefore, you can not consume garlic inside, and cut it into slices and expand in places where insects-bloodsuckers appear. And you can crumble a few cloves of garlic, boil in water and use water to spray in the room. If you like to take risks( or really hate mosquitoes), you can spray garlic water on yourself to avoid bites.

    3. Oil it

    The top three remedies for mosquito repelling include oil, which is extracted from wood by him( margose), which grows in the Indian subcontinent. A study published in one of the issues of the American Association for the Control of Mosquitoes revealed that mixing it with coconut oil in a ratio of 1 to 1 is a good way to drive away mosquitoes. If you apply the mixture on the skin, it will protect you from mosquito bites for eight hours. However, oil is not suitable for pregnant women, children under 5 years old, and lactating women.

    2. Eucalyptus and Lemon Oils

    The best remedy for mosquitoes in nature. Recommended by the US Center for Disease Control as an effective means of repelling insects. A mixture of lemon and eucalyptus oils works because of the active ingredient cineole, which has both antiseptic and insecticidal properties when applied to the skin. The best part of this mixture is that it does not have all the negative effects of chemical repellents from mosquitoes. To use it, mix lemon oil and eucalyptus oil in equal proportions and apply a small amount to the body.

    1. Tea tree oil

    Tops the top 7 natural remedies for mosquitoes. It has numerous advantages for the skin and hair, and is also a powerful antibacterial and antifungal agent. The smell of oil protects against mosquito attacks( although it can drive away some people, since this strong and harsh aroma is not liked by everyone).To use this tool, you can either rub a small amount of it into your skin or add a few drops to the aroma lamp. Thus, the aroma of tea tree oil will penetrate into the air and expel mosquitoes from the house. This is the best remedy for mosquitoes in the apartment. Some people are sensitive to the presence of essential oils, applied directly to the skin. If you are one of them, try to dilute the tea tree oil with one of the base oils( for example, olive or jojoba).