The best navigation programs. App Rating 2015

Few people want to remember a paper map before traveling on an unfamiliar route. And do not remember, because there are special programs for navigation that contain information about all the famous roads. They will help to pave the way to the destination.

We present to you the five best free and shareware programs for GPS navigators , which can be used by Russian motorists. All applications are designed for Android-based devices.

5. Maps. Me

  • 4. Yandex. Navigator
  • 3. Sygic: GPS Navigation
  • 2. CoPilot
  • 1. Navitel
  • 5. Maps. Me

    Previously, the application cost 4.99 dollars in the Play Store, but then the developers didits completely free. This is one of the best applications for Android, with a clear and simple user interface. It can work in an offline mode and includes such features as displaying metro stations, ATMs, gas stations and even fountains. Maps are downloaded from the OpenStreetMap service, which is supplemented daily by users.

    4. Yandeks. Navigator

    A nice male or female voice( at the user's choice) tells you the right turn, the indicator on the screen will also indicate it. The route will be laid taking into account traffic jams and road events. This option works in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Turkey. In offline mode, you can only view the electronic map, to build a route Yandeks. Navigator need an Internet connection.

    3. Sygic: GPS Navigation

    Is one of the most popular stand-alone navigation applications. Service TomTom allows you to download high-definition maps for most countries in the world, and thanks to the recent update the program can run on the latest Android Lollipop OS.With the Sygic receiver, it connects via Bluetooth or a USB cable. The application also has paid content, which allows you to receive 3D-maps, provides access to voice navigation, instructions for rebuilding and warnings about the need to limit the speed.

    2. CoPilot

    Offers offline maps for most countries of the world. CoPilot can be synchronized with social networking accounts such as Facebook and Twitter, which allows the driver to specify their location online. Also, the app is integrated with Google search and Wikipedia( useful for those who want to learn more about an urban landmark or village) The first card is free of charge( you can choose from a specialized list), but for other cards you will have to pay. If you buy a premium version, you will also receive 12 months of free traffic information. Another advantage of CoPilot is the ability not to leave the application when making calls from the smartphone.

    1. Navitel

    Top 5 best applications for navigators 2015 is headed by a navigation system installed on most navigators that are sold in Russia. Includes high-precision maps of Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, France, Turkey, Germany, Azerbaijan and many other countries. To work the program does not need to connect to the Web. After downloading the apk-file, you need to download the maps to your computer, and then send it to your smartphone or tablet to the NavitelContent directory. Next, the GPS satellite will enter the case, and the driver's task is to build a route or find the desired object( POI).To accelerate the rendering of maps in Navitel( starting from version 8), the OpenGL mode is responsible. Internet access will be required if you want to take advantage of additional features( update the maps, access "Navitel. Probkam", "Navitel. Friends", "Navitel. Pogoda").The application can be used for free for a month, and for its further work it will be necessary to purchase a license.