The most popular costumes for Halloween, rating Frightgeist

The eve of All Saints' Day is already the following week and Frightgeist, having "busted" Google for the costumes most often sought by users, has compiled the rating of the most popular Halloween costumes .Now you know, that's what to dress up to properly scare( or laugh, as it will) friends and acquaintances.


  • 10. Dinosaur
  • 9. Clown
  • 8. Star Wars Heroes
  • 7. Batman
  • 6. Witch
  • 5. Wonder Woman
  • 4. Pirate
  • 3. Superhero
  • 2. Joker
  • 1. Harley Quinn

10. Dinosaur

In one of the anecdotes it is said that the chance to meet on the street with a dinosaur fifty-fifty: either will meet, or not. Well, the chance to meet a "false dinosaur" on Halloween is also 50 to 50. We must admit that the choice of this costume is somewhat surprising, but after all carnivorous dinosaurs are formidable murder machines, right? And if you spend on the costume of a herbivorous dinosaur, you can wear it even on children's matinees.

9. Clown

Foreign clowns are far from as funny and cute as their Russian counterparts. Sometimes they do not laugh, but frighten children. And it happens that adults, if you remember about recent stories, when people dressed in clown costumes and masks in Germany purposefully frightened and even attacked the respectable burghers. And it would be nice not to run into a clown on a dark street in Halloween. However, the clown's costume is classic, so it will definitely be popular.

8. Star Wars Heroes

There are many cool characters in Star Wars, although these costumes require a little more planning and preparation than the previous participants in the rating. But who does not want to become Yoda at least once in a lifetime? Imagine an irresistible Jedi "spell": you do not want these candies. You give these candies to Yoda!

7. Batman

It's obvious that we need some good superheroes for Halloween, otherwise there are suits of villains in the top 10 best costumes for Halloween in 2016.There must be someone to protect good and justice on the gloomy Eve of All Saints Day.

6. Witch

This costume is an unfading classic. In addition, if you dress like a witch, you can take with you not a small package, but a huge pot for sweets.

5. Wonder Woman

One of the feminist icons and a cheaper alternative to the witch's costume. It will require only: a red top, a diadem, red boots and a short blue skirt or shorts adorned with stars. However, this is unlikely to suit modest women. If under the hood of a hood you can hide any flaws in the figure, then the Wonder Woman costume will put them on public display. Yes, and cold in it on the Russian streets in October to go.

4. Pirate

Pirate costume is good for a single trip for "candy or life", and for a group trip. If you manage to get a toy or a real parrot on your shoulder, so much the better!

3. Superhero

There are a huge number of the most powerful superheroes and the costumes of many of them are fairly easy to do on their own. To turn into the person you want to be the most important - be friends with an adhesive gun and a sewing machine, and have a cloak in hand( magical powers are not included).

2. Joker

Despite the complex relationship that binds the Joker and Harley Quinn, so many people prefer to put on the costume of crazy crime king Gotham for Halloween. Especially if the girlfriend wears a suit that went to the top of the list of the most interesting outfits for Halloween.

1. Harley Queen

Given the fact that Margot Robbie managed to create the chic image of Harley Quinn in the "Suicide Squad", it's no surprise that so many people want Harley to be Halloween this year. Her costume is also pretty easy to do if you have blue and red hair dye and a baseball bat.

Some people do not like the idea of ​​dressing in the same costume as others, and others prefer to get a list of useful ideas from their favorite Internet. That's why the list of popular Halloween costumes by Frightgeist is useful - you can not only find out what people prefer, but also narrow down the choice to the ideal version.