Overview 24Option is the best binary option broker

Trading binary options has actually become an extremely popular earnings on the Internet. Most modern investors invest their savings in option trading and receive an acceptable income. One of the best brokers providing Internet trading services is the company "24Option".Her review we today and present on the pages of basetop.ru.


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  • broker Trading conditions with 24Option: minimum deposit
  • Is there a demo account for 24Option for binary options
  • How to trade on 24Option
    • Short introduction to the trading platform
    • Popular strategies
      • Martingale strategy
      • Trend trading
      • Trading against the trend
  • How to withdraw money from 24Option to a bank card?
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  • Reviews about 24Option: divorce or not

General information about the broker

Brokerage firm "24Option" takes a leading position in the rating of brokers of binary options of Russia and the world, providing market participants with modern tools. The main objective of "24Option" is the success of each client, since the welfare of the company actually depends on this.

What makes "24Option" the best broker of binary options:

  • high-quality service, including personal trainings, attracting experts to manage your assets, online support, access to training, mobile commerce;
  • training center. The company offers a trader an ultramodern training center that contains e-books, webinars, personal trainings and other interactive material;
  • market analytics. Trading binary options with "24Option" provides daily analytics and access to world news;
  • competitive trading with minimal deposit, no hidden fees and instant execution of orders.

The activity of the broker "24Option" is governed by the CySec certificate, the CFDF .These certificates indicate the reliability of the broker. The firm has the right to provide Internet trading services in the territory of the countries of the European Union and Russia. The company takes care of compliance with the legislation in the field of trade operations.

Terms of trade with 24Option: minimum deposit

The company "24Option" offers an affordable trade for all comers. The minimum deposit is 200 US dollars or 10 thousand rubles. The minimum amount of the transaction( investment) is 24 dollars or 1.5 thousand rubles, which is acceptable even for beginners. If necessary, , the amount deposited into the account can be fully withdrawn without any problems on the bank card.

The average profitability level of "24Option" is 75-80%.Trader for work is available more than 110 types of assets.

Is there a demo account for 24Option for binary options

After making a deposit of $ 200?the trader has the opportunity to open a training( demo) account in order to test the system without the risk of losing money. Each client of the company "24Option" gets access to the training center, consisting of such main sections:

  • video center;
  • interactive book;
  • of daily webinars.

How to trade on 24Option

It's very easy to start trading with the broker "24Option".It is enough to perform a couple of simple actions and you can earn money:

  • To conduct transactions, you must complete the procedure for registering a trading account and refill the balance for at least $ 200.(company requirement).Registration takes from 2 to 7 minutes. You can transfer funds to your account using a normal plastic card or an electronic wallet. At registration, the customer can choose the currency of the account: dollar, euro or ruble.
  • The trader should clearly understand all the terminology and understand the trading tools well.
  • A beginner is recommended to take a webinar to work with the company's trading platform.

A brief introduction to the trading platform

After you have registered and added to your account, just click on the "Trade" tab in the main program window.

The trading menu "24Option" consists of several sections: the main list of instruments( options), the closing window and the status window of the current transaction.

In the list of options are types of tradable assets - stocks, commodities, indices, currency pairs.

"24Option" offers four basic types of options - higher / lower( classic), option for touch, option "border" and short-term option.

To purchase a binary option, you need to go to the appropriate menu, select the type of contract, make a prediction about changing the state of the option for a certain period of time, enter the required amount of investment( minimum 24 USD) and click on the "Buy" button. For example, for a one-touch option, it is enough to choose one of two options-touch / without touch.

Popular strategies

Working with the broker "24Option", traders use mainly two or three profitable strategies - this is the Martingale method, trading on / against the trend( a).

Strategy of Martingale

Is a constant increase in the rate. Thus, all unsuccessful transactions are blocked by successful operations. It should be noted that working with the Martingale system is recommended only on a clearly expressed trend.

Trade in the trend of

Most newcomers perform transactions exclusively when there is a clear( directional) trend movement on the market, and the price of the asset fluctuates in the formed corridor. This is called trend trading. Everyone has heard that the trend is a friend of the trader. However, the state of pronounced price movement on the market is extremely rare. Then the trade strategy "Against the trend" comes to the aid of the trader.

Trading Against the Trend

The principle of the strategy is simple: to buy the Put option should be in an uptrend( near the upper price range), the call option - in a downtrend in the lower price range.

When carrying out any type of transaction, the broker "24Option" offers an early closing of the transaction, which helps limit the trader's losses in case of an unfavorable outcome.

How to withdraw money from 24Option to a bank card?

To withdraw money to a bank card, it is necessary to go to the section of financial transactions and fill in the corresponding application, specifying the transfer amount and card number. The minimum withdrawal amount is 10 dollars. After the first entry of the card number, the system remembers this variant of the transfer and in the future it will be sufficient to indicate only the amount and method of withdrawal of funds.

Many newcomers to the binary options market are asking the question: " And is it really possible to earn from" 24Option "? ┬╗Certainly. "24Option" is not a divorce, but the risks of trading here, like any other broker, are present.

Video presentation

Reviews about 24Option: divorce or not

We studied Russian-language sites and selected the most truthful reviews in our opinion. Someone says that 24Option is a divorce, others are positive about the broker and even call it the best in the market.

Reliable company, the level of service at the level of Europe. They help at all stages. There was a snag with the bank details at the conclusion, helped. The money has come. And most of the negative reviews - most likely the intrigues of competitors or illiterate investors.

Danila Pronsky, Moscow

Very satisfied with the trading platform. Comfortable. Similar solutions for the whole world are units. Works stably, no frills. The tendency of the trend is clearly visible.

Anna Andreevna, Krasnodar

Profit with 24Option I export to Webmoney without problems, but I want to say right away if you want to display on webmoney, then deposit from there.

Arthur Latypov, Yekaterinburg

It is rumored that the normal yield will be at 2000 bucks. While I'm trading with 300. Not to say that it's bad, but I do not see the "exhaust" until I feel it. Perhaps because I am a beginner and I just begin to understand the principle of work.

Yuri, Astana

I was refused the withdrawal! They said that the account was not verified and asked to provide passport data. Something does not really want to be scattered with passport data. He smells of a divorce.

Victor Alekseevich, Perm

With whom to work, if all brokers are bad? Do not believe, climbed up and found negative reviews on all popular brokers. And the negative and positive are almost the same everywhere. So it may be worthwhile to understand for yourself where the truth is, and where the competitors have tried? !

Media Women, Simferopol

What a nonsense with a demo account? That they could be used, it is necessary to bring 200 dollars + as much will add a bonus. And if I just want to try and not sweat then if I do not like it? Thank God it can be withdrawn, albeit with a one-week delay.

Ilya Sviridov, Moscow

24Opshin is more suitable for very large investors. The normal profitability is most likely for those who contribute from $ 1000 to the deposit, especially if you take into account that the withdrawal of funds is made with a commission that is calculated not understandable for me. Toes from the amount of the initial deposit, or from the success of the trade.

Alexander Macedonov, Yaroslavl

I do not understand where negative responses come from, but for non-believers I'll throw off my withdrawal screen for last year: