Rating of the most reliable banks in Russia

Unfortunately, there is no such universal financial indicator, measuring which, it would be possible to assert safely about the degree of reliability of the bank. However, just as everyone measures their financial stability by the thickness of their wallet, and as the main indicator of the bank's reliability it is possible to take the size of its capital. We present the rating of the 15 most reliable banks in Russia , compiled on the basis of key indicators, such as the state of assets and indicators for loans and deposits.

This rating is out of date, read the most reliable banks in Russia for 2014.


  • 15 MDM
  • 14 NOMOS
  • 13 URALSIB
  • 12 TransCreditBank
  • 11 PSB
  • 10 Rayffayzenbanke
  • 9 RosBank
  • 8 UniCreditBank
  • 7 Bank Moscow
  • 6 Alpha Bank
  • 5 VTB 24
  • 4 Rosselhozbank
  • 3 Gasprombank
  • 2 VTB Bank
  • 1 Sberbank

15 MDM Bank

Known as one and the first in Russia. It was founded in 1990.For 21 years of its existence it is one of the largest banks in Russia for several key indicators. The bank represents its branches, of which more than 200 in 118 cities of Russia. The number of clients of the bank reaches about 3 million and more than 35 thousand corporate clients. Also has an office in Beijing. The assets for August 2011 are 345 191 107 thousand rubles.rubles.

14 NOMOS Bank

It is positioned as a universal network bank. Has branches in the largest cities of Russia. The bank's customers in all branches today are about 30 thousand organizations and 350 tonnes.accounts of individuals. It is one of the three main players in the Russian precious metals market. The small business is actively lending. Assets for August 2011 amount to 404 886 264 thousand rubles.


It is one of the largest Russian banks. It takes leading positions on key bank indicators. It has 45 branches in 51 regions of the country. The central office is in Moscow and the central office is in Ufa. Included in the top 10 leaders in terms of lending to individuals.persons. The assets for August 2011 are 405,916,508 thousand rubles.

12 TransCreditBank

Takes a leading position in the category of services for the transport industry. The bank owns more than 25% of the shares of JSC Russian Railways. The number of branches is about 300 in 190 cities of the country. One of the largest trading acquiring players. The bank's customers are more than 50 thousand enterprises and approximately 3 million individuals. The assets for August 2011 are 415 144 513 thousand rubles.

11 PromsvyazBank

A private bank, one of the 500 largest world banks. Among the clients there are 93 thousand enterprises and 400 thousand private clients.250 points of sales in Russian cities, representative offices in Ukraine, China, India. Branch in Cyprus. Among the shareholders of Promsvyazbank is the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. The assets for August 2011 are 465 344 328 thousand rubles.

10 Raiffeisenbank

Has started to work in Russia since 1996г.As IMPEXBANK.In 2006 Raiffeisen International Group acquired 100% of IMPEXBANK shares and in 2007 IMPEXBANK was merged with Raiffeisenbank Austria. Takes 5th place in Russia on private deposits and 7th place in private lending. Assets for August 2011 are 489 269 852 thousand rubles.

9 RosBank

Is a private bank, part of the Societe Generale group. Has more than 650 offices operating in 340 cities of Russia. It is also included in 5 Russian banks in terms of loan portfolio. One of the leading organizers in the market of ruble bonds. The assets for August 2011 are 543,736,945 thousand rubles.

8 UniCreditBank

has been operating in Russia since 1989.Voting shares of 100% belong to UniCreditBank of Austria. It has 106 branches in Russia and 1 in the Republic of Belarus. More than 22 thousand corporate clients and 950 thousand private clients. General License No. 1 of the Bank of Russia. The assets for August 2011 are 722 412 048 thousand rubles.

7 Bank of Moscow

One of the largest universal banks in Russia. Clients: more than 100 thousand corporations and over 9 million individuals. It is represented by 237 branches in the regions of Russia. There are 140 offices in Moscow. The reliability of the bank is confirmed by the ratings of prestigious independent international agencies. The assets for August 2011 are 748 155 105 thousand rubles.

6 Alfa Bank

Founded in 1990.Clients of 40 thousand corporations and over 5 million private clients.364 branches, a subsidiary bank in the Netherlands, subsidiaries in the US, UK and Cyprus. It is one of the largest banks in Russia in terms of deposits and assets. Standard &Poor's assigned a credit rating of "BB".Assets as of August 2011 amount to 795 808 847 thousand rubles.

5 VTB Bank 24

Operates in Russia since 2000.It specializes in servicing enterprises in the small business sector, individual entrepreneurs and individuals. The direction of services related to remote control is widely developed. The network represents 560 offices in 69 regions of the country. Among the services - mortgage lending, car loans, term deposits. VTB 24 issues each 5 mortgage loan in Russia. The assets for August 2011 amount to 1,009,931,133 thousand rubles.

4 RosElhozBank

Founded in 2000.100% stake in the state. Universal commercial bank. One of the leaders in the financing of the agricultural sector. It takes the second place in Russia by the number of branches.1600 branches in all regions of Russia. It extensively provides lending services in the small and medium business sector. The assets for August 2011 are 1 216 827 989 thousand rubles.

3 Gazprombank

It is one of the three largest Russian banks and the third among banks in Central and Eastern Europe. It specializes in servicing the central areas of the Russian economy - gas and oil production, metallurgy, nuclear - electric power, agro-industrial complex. The number of clients is about 3 million individuals and about 45 thousand corporations. It has 43 branches and 5 Russian subsidiaries. Member of the Russian Committee of the International Chamber of Commerce. The assets for August 2011 are 1 788 917 657 thousand rubles.

2 VTB Bank

One of the largest banks in Russia. He built an international financial group. It is present in 19 countries of the world in Europe, Asia, Africa, CIS.The banking network has over 20 banks. Takes a stable 2 place among the banks of Russia in terms of key indicators. Assets for August 2011 amount to 3,293,108,236 thousand rubles.

1 Sberbank

The largest bank in Russia and the CIS.Assets account for more than 26% of the country's banking system. The largest share in the deposit market. The main creditor of the Russian economy. A unique network of branches, totaling 17 banks and 20 thousand units throughout the country. Representation in Germany, China and India. Active participation in the implementation of state programs.