Top 10 winners of the Emmy Award-2014

This year the main US television award was presented for the 66th time. The jury evaluated the series, TV films, reality shows, as well as musical and comedy programs.

In today's selection we offer Top-10 laureates of the Emmy-2014 .Of all the 30 nominations, we selected those in which the TV-projects and actors familiar to Russians are represented.


  • 10. "Colbert Report"
  • 9. "Real Detective"
  • 8. "Sherlock: His Last Vow"
  • 7. "Louis"
  • 6. Brian Cranston
  • 5. Julianna Margulis
  • 4. "Ordinary Heart"
  • 3. "Fargo"
  • 2. "American family"
  • 1. "In all serious"

10. "Report of Colbert"

This satirical program by 2014 already had 4 Emmy awards. This year the "Colbert Report" won in the nominations "Best Comedy Program" and "Best Screenplay".

9. "Real Detective"

This television detective in the genre of "neo-noir" became the laureate for the best direction of the drama series. The first season of the "Detective" premiere took place in 2012.It is planned that each year there will be 8 episodes, and each season will have its own heroes and its own plot.

8. "Sherlock: His Last Vow"

The British TV series won the category "Best Screenplay".The film is from 2011 and in its piggy bank, in addition to Emmy, there is an English BAFTA award in the most prestigious nomination - Best Drama Series.

7. "Louis"

The telenovela who won the nomination "Best comedy series" tells about the life of comedian Louis, who brings up two daughters and tries to establish personal life. The producer, director, screenwriter and even the performer of the title role became Louis Xi Kay.

6. Brian Cranston

The hero of the series "In All Grave" was recognized as the best actor. In the series Cranston plays a chemistry teacher who, for the sake of securing the future of his family, is engaged in the manufacture of a synthetic drug.

5. Julianna Margulis

Margulis received Emmy for the second time as the best actress for the lead role in the popular TV series "A Good Wife".Her career star of serials Julianne began in 1994 in the cult "First Aid".

4. "Ordinary Heart"

The premiere of 2014 won the "Best TV Film" nomination. The script of the film is devoted to the problems of the fight against AIDS.In "Ordinary Heart" played Jim Parsons, Julia Roberts and Taylor Kitsch.

3. "Fargo"

Black tragicomedy has become the best mini-series in 2014.It was assumed that the "Fargo" will be only one season, but in 2015 the audience will still see 10 more episodes of the second season. The series was played by Billy Bob Thornton, Colin Hanks, Martin Freeman.

2. "American Family"

The best comedy series of 2014 went around in the competition such hits as "Big Bang Theory", "Silicon Valley" and "Vice President".The series also won a prize for playing the best supporting actor, Taya Burrell.

1. "In all serious"

The best drama series of 2014, we represented this year in the ranking of the best serials for men. In the contest, the telenovela selected the palm tree from the "Game of Thrones", "Downton Abbey" and "Madmen".