Top Topical Issues on Opening a Car Wash

To open your business and work only for yourself is the dream of many people. But where to find that niche in which you can succeed? One of the popular services is a car wash. The number of cars in the use of the population is steadily growing. Accordingly, the demand for car wash services is also growing. In some Russian cities, car owners have to sign up for a car wash service.

Than not a reason to think about everything, make a business plan, calculate initial costs, and open a business car wash that will consistently bring in revenue. According to economists, this business pays off in two years. And the business "on dirt" will bring dividends. After all, no one can cancel weather phenomena. Rain, sleet, fog and snow make the car dirty and untidy. If before the car owner could wash his car near the garage, now it is not possible to do it, because the environmental legislation is very strict about pollution of the environment.

We will review top topical issues on the opening of this type of business.

The first steps to open your business start with the acquisition of land, the process is complex, but solvable. The land can be rented for a long-term lease, rented with a subsequent purchase or purchased at an auction. The next step will be the construction of a car wash. The ideal option is to use your garage or several garages, which can also be rented. The most serious issue is the connection of communications, which will ensure the life of the car wash. Carrying out communications, special attention should be paid to cleaning for car washes. Environmental legislation provides for the use of water recycling. After all, a large amount of water, which is used when washing a car, can be successfully used repeatedly. By recirculating, up to 80% of the water can be reapplied. When merging used water into municipal sewerage, it should also be taken into account that this water must be cleaned of detergents, residues of oil products and heavy metals. Therefore, when conducting communications, it is necessary to install equipment that will comply with the sanitary and technical standards, effectively cope with the purification of water or return already purified water for reuse.

When purchasing equipment, you must know or count on the flow of machines, and only from this purchase equipment. Automated washing, without human intervention, is beneficial with a large flow of machines, and manual hardware is a better washing machine, but in this case you need the working footage. And, of course, advertising. Sufficiently reliable and effective outdoor advertising, bright and catchy, it will attract more potential car wash customers and promote your business to the top.