Top 10 best books about business

Success stories from the creators of great companies, practical advice, original ideas - all this can be found in books devoted to business. Among the huge variety of "business" literature is not easy to choose really worthwhile things.

Today we offer our Top-10 best books about the business of , which included works that have become classics, and modern editions of recent years.


  • 10. Rework. Business without prejudice( D.H. Hensson, J.Fridd)
  • 9. Habits in a million dollars( B. Tracy)
  • 8. Thoughts on a large scale and do not brake( D. Trump)
  • 7. Ogilvy on advertising( D.Ogilvy)
  • 6. Rich dad, poor dad( R. Kiyosaki)
  • 5. From good to great( D. Collins)
  • 4. I like everything( O. Tinkov)
  • 3. Startup( G. Kawasaki)
  • 2Partisan Marketing( JK Levinson)
  • 1. Manager's career( Lee Iacocca)

10. Rework. Business without prejudice( D.H. Hensson, J.Frid)

This book instantly became a bestseller, because it overturns the traditional idea of ​​a "right" business. Authors, themselves are successful entrepreneurs, offer a new look at their own business.

9. Habits of a million dollars( B. Tracy)

The author claims: in order to succeed, you need to change your habits. In a fascinating way, Tracy talks about how, by changing their behavior, interests and passions, you can achieve any heights.

8. Thoughts on a large scale and not a brake( D. Trump)

The multimillionaire and founder of the Trump dynasty dispels many illusions about doing business in his book. Trump calls for persistence, abandonment of dreams and active work.

7. Ogilvy about advertising( D. Ogilvy)

The best book about advertising belongs to the pen of a talented businessman who wants to share secrets about the work of advertising posters and ads."Ogilvy on advertising" will be interesting both for beginners in their business, and for more experienced businessmen.

6. Rich dad, poor dad( R. Kiyosaki)

The author tells the story of his own life, proving that our perception of wealth is influenced by parents. Kiyosaki had both a father and a mentor, both had their own view of financial success. The book helps to understand what is truly valuable and helps to achieve prosperity.

5. From Good to Great( D. Collins)

This book Time included in the list of 25 greatest books about business. The author presents to the readers a deep study, the purpose of which is to understand why some companies grow into huge empires, while others - fail.

4. I am like everyone else( O. Tinkov)

The owner of a number of companies, the author of many projects shares his success story with readers. The book does not contain a clear instruction or plan of action, but it perfectly motivates and tends to succeed.

3. Startup( G. Kawasaki)

This book is a guide for all readers who have already decided that they definitely do not want to work in an office according to the schedule set by someone who wants to succeed in their own business. Kawasaki is a famous player in the world of investment in innovation. He knows exactly the signs of a successful start-up and is willing to share them.

2. Guerrilla marketing( JK Levinson)

The author describes those receptions of sellers that make us laugh or cry, but never leave us indifferent. Most of these methods do not require financial investments, but it allows you to increase the efficiency of your business many times.

1. Manager's career( Lee Iacocca)

Iacocca is a legend in the business world. He was president of Ford, as well as chairman of the board of Chrysler. After the release of the best book on the business "Career Manager", Lee had to write another book, "Manager's career. Afterword ", in which he gave answers to the readers questions received after the first part.